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Experienced IT company from Croatia offers custom software development under outsourcing agreement

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A Croatian IT company is offering software development services including business software development, big data development, software testing, web application development, and artificial intelligence/machine learning development. The services offered are currently used in the retail, transportation and logistics, travel hospitality as well as the manufacturing industry sectors. The company is interested in outsourcing and subcontracting agreements with partners in need of IT solutions.



Established in 2008 and based in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatian IT company is specialized in the development of intelligent technology that is based on machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), large data analytics, and computer vision. The company employs over 20 IT experts, whose qualifications and experience cover a vast number of technologies and algorithms, and owns the most modern data center powered by NVIDIA DGX-1 AI five servers.

The company's services range from business software development, big data development and software testing, to web application development and artificial intelligence/machine learning development. Its services can be used in retail sector, transportation logistics, travel hospitality as well as the manufacturing industry sector. In retail sector the company's solutions vary from self-checkout, custom software products, data processing, big data analytics, a recommendation system, and real-time marketing. In manufacturing industry sector solutions include centralized log management system, damage detection management system, predictive maintenance, security AI solutions, real-time monitoring, as well as reporting and alerting system. In sector of travel hospitality the company's solutions include computer vision /machine learning system for people counting and order automation. In transportation logistics sector these include AI for order management optimization and dynamic route planning.

The company's products and systems are currently offered on the Croatian market and in one neighboring country in the Southeast European region. The company seeks to outsource and subcontract its know-how and skills.

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With deep industry knowledge and technical experience, the company's team can develop applications/modules that reduce the complexity of business processes, improve performance, and accelerate business productivity. Business software development: The company offers software development services to develop business application modules, artifacts, and other deliveries based on business requirements in the areas of Enterprise resource planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Human Resource Management, Document Management Systems and Supply Chain Management. Big data development – log management & data visualization: The company's team of qualified developers and statisticians provides services of developing enterprise log management and data visualization solutions which can help to analyze key performance indicators and make better decisions. Experts can extract and transform raw data from various sources such as logs and databases. Software testing services: The company offers a range of software testing services utilizing strict code quality assurance, which makes the company capable of meeting strict business requirements. Web application development: The company's team designs and delivers solutions allowing rich and dynamic web User Interface with state-of-the-art design, responsive and compatible with various devices and browsers. Artificial intelligence/machine learning development: The company is experienced in building solutions based on time series data which can be used for estimating and forecasting future trends, implementation of a recommendation engine using collaborative filtering, as well as the detection and localization of objects (persons, vehicles, vessels), multi-object tracking; classification of person movements (based on the detected pose); detection and classification of object damage/objects: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for reading vehicle plates and vessel identification.

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The company is offering its software development services, know-how, and skills through an outsourcing agreement to perform services and/or to become a subcontractor as a part of a larger project. The company services target any type of client in need of high-quality IT solutions that could be easily adaptable to various client needs.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250