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Expert in integrated intermodal transports seeks transport operators under an outsourcing agreement

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An Italian logistic service provider, expert in integrated intermodal logistic, is looking for a partner to build with a long-lasting cooperation under an outsourcing agreement, which could be a transport company or operator that wish to outsource their entire logistics department, or transport operators/multimodal transport operator interested in rail and combined transport from and to Italy.



An Italian logistic service provider, leader in integrated intermodal logistic, is looking for a partner that works in the logistic fields to which offer a wide range of integrated logistics and intermodal transport services that are instrumental to the entire supply, storage and transport chain, as well as dedicated storage for any kind of commodity (either raw materials or products, at ambient or controlled temperature).
The partner could be a transport company or operator that wish to outsource their entire logistics department, or transport operators/MTO (multimodal transport operator)potentially interested in rail and combined transport from and to Italy (importers-exporters). The provider wants to build a long-lasting cooperation under an outsourcing agreement.
The provider could count on an integrated rail, road and intermodal transport with warehousing services. In the logistics field, the provider is specialized in:
- design and management of national and international warehouses and logistic platforms;
- planning of distribution processes, organisation of inflows and outflows, tracking & tracing in partnership with specialist operators, duty-free warehousing, bonded warehousing, and temporary storage.
Any step in the logistic process is supported by digital systems that interact with the suppliers and customers and by the production of tailor-made documents and reports, for easier interaction between in-house and third-party operators, and to make information flows more streamlined and easily traceable. The provider can also work remotely from the customer’s facilities or in our storage units at ambient or controlled temperature or in outdoor storage areas, all equipped with optic fibre, video surveillance and security systems.
This provider also manages a freight village which is set of buildings, roads, railways and facilities that receive, store, handle and sort out the goods. The freight village covers an area of over 2.5 million square metres. It is home to about one hundred logistic, shipping and distribution companies, employing a total of about 1600 staff. This freight terminal is strategically located at the crossroads with Italy’s main road and train connections, next to the Tyrrhenian-Brenner thoroughfare and Europe’s main corridors.

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- The provider could help hits partners to design their business model thanks to services that could integrate the supply chain both upstream of the production process (inbound logistics) and downstream; - specialization and flexibility allow to make efficient handling and transport (reduction of waiting times, administrative procedures, loading mode, etc.) and to improve the quality of the shipment (defective products, loading errors, etc.); - the presence of a local customs agency and of numerous custom service centers, allows to carry out import and export under the best conditions; - the provider can also act as logistic integrators between its customers and their suppliers and as a customer-care service; - the provider can deal with complex operations that integrate multiple logistic and transport services; - a wide variety of ambient or controlled-temperature storage and handling areas, which are modular, inclusive of security systems and alarms; - an undeveloped area where could be possible to design and build tailor-made structural solution.

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The Italian company wants to cooperate under an outsourcing agreement with partners interested in rail and combined transport, from and to Italy (importers-exporters), such us: - road transport operators or companies - MTOs (multimodal transport operators) - freight forwarders - companies that act as aggregator of large flows of transport - combined transport organizations.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250