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Expertise and know-how in the fields of enterprise blockchain, confidential computing, process automation and digital experience for the financial services, supply chain and other markets are offered for the improvement of companies’ performance.

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A Bulgarian IT company with know-how in the fields of technology consulting, ventures and development, implementing technologies as enterprise blockchain, confidential computing, process automation and digital experience offers its expertise under research or technical cooperation agreements to companies from the banking, insurance, supply chain markets and other relevant industries in need to improve their performance from the perspective of interoperability, safety, and reliability.



A global technology consulting, ventures and development firm from Bulgaria with offices in the UK as well implements cutting-edge technologies, such as enterprise blockchain, confidential computing, process automation and digital experience to give organizations a clear path to improve performance.
The company is primarily focused on the banking, financial services, insurance, and supply chain markets, though its solutions apply to a wide range of industries and use cases.
The company implements Enterprise Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology) for addressing different challenges in the financial, fintech and supply chain management value chains.
It offers an unmatched end-to-end service that guides and assists its clients’ projects every step of the way. Its approach is focused on interoperability, safety, and reliability.
The company also addresses the problem of unprotected data in use with technology development in the area of confidential computing. Before data can be processed by an application, it is unencrypted in memory, leaving its contents vulnerable just before, during and after runtime. Vulnerabilities include memory dumps, root user compromises, and other exploits, such as internal bad actors. Confidential computing is addressing all these issues combining powerful data security algorithms with data protection on a hardware level.
Today, a number of complex systems are addressing data security and traceability in various business processes and applications. However, the problem with preserving data consistency, immutability and security when data is transferred between various organizations is still open in many scenarios.
Here is where blockchain comes into place in solving many of todays challenges of the software industry.
The blockchain technology is focusing in particular to provide high level of information security and immutability in the value and supply chain across enterprises which is difficult to achieve with other existing solutions.

So far, the company has applied Distributed Ledger Technology in various fields. Some of its projects include:
- implementing blockchain for carbon offset trading solutions
- blockchain in combination with applied machine learning in Low Carbon Footprint calculation
- improvement and verification in tracking of renewable energy by increasing transparency for the entire market.
- developing digital twins for the food supply-chain industry
- smart legal contracts implementation for the automation of complex supply chain agreements and relationships with vendors.
The company is looking for research cooperation agreements in terms of creating new products and services for the industry based on blockchain technology. Common submission of applications for funding under different European innovation supporting schemes is envisaged, including via joint venture, if and where applicable. The company is looking for partners in relation to the opportunity of entering new markets and making stronger value-propositions on those markets. In particular, the company is interested in potential partnerships with companies with experience in blockchain that are operating on the Nordics market. Also, providers of data-related services and AI could be a very good match for collaboration.
The company is looking for technology partnership cooperation as well, where it could provide services in architecture design and development of innovative solutions. Its partners could be companies in the sphere of manufacturing, logistics or food industry, interested in optimizing their supply chain processes. The company could also partner with companies profiling in IoT solutions development for those industries.
Other relevant forms of cooperation are also welcome.

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In terms of data security and protection the company offers developement of solutions according to the new business concept called confidential computing aiming at protecting data in use. Confidential computing is a cloud computing technology that is designed to isolate sensitive data as it’s being processed. The goal of confidential computing is to provide companies with greater protection to ensure that their data in the cloud remains safe, confidential, and easily accessible. The company also has significant knowledge in developing solutions for sustainable and environmental business practices based on blockchain like for example Low Carbon Footprint Analyses software.

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The company is looking for SME companies, startups and R&D organisations to partner for innovative projects and digital solutions development. Its focus is on blockchain technology. It is looking either for partners in the blockchain field or for ones with competence in complementary technologies like applied machine learning and AI. It is looking for development in the areas of finance, fintech, manufacturing and supply chain management. The company is looking for technology partners ready to participate together with it in the development of innovative software services and solutions based on technical cooperation agreement. Alternatively, research cooperation agreement is also possible, under which the potential partner would contribute to the cooperation for application for different European innovation supporting schemes.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom