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Family company windows, steel joinery, gates and fences is looking for co-financing for the laboratory for testing and certifying the quality of the finished product

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A family-owned Serbian company is specialised in design and manufacture of handmade ironwork such as gates, fences, railings, furniture, ornamental grilles, as well as windows, doors, door panels, blinds, roller blinds, and insects screens. The company is a producer of the top-of-the-range windows, doors, and fences. The company is looking for partners interested in co-financing the laboratory for testing and certifying the quality of the finished products through a joint venture.



The Serbian company established in 1929 as a small family workshop for steel joinery, gates and fences. The founder was a well-known craftsman whose gates beautify cities in Serbia even today. The company is still owned by the same family and employs over 20 highly qualified engineers and project managers, and over 80 craftsmen. Apart gates and fences, the company in recent 20 years expanded its production into windows, doors and door panels, blinds and shutters, fences, glazing, facades, and related additional products and services (Interior and exterior roller blinds, the insect screens).

The company has completed many large and delicate structures in steel. Company is providing a full scope of works on every stage of the production process from ordering material, machining, welding, fitting to sandblasting, painting and delivering ready products to a customer which enables it to propose tailor-made services.

The company has positioned itself as a top-of-the-range producer of windows and doors in South-East Europe. They are also the first or among first to follow the trends: the company introduced Low-E glass (Ug = 1.1) as standard in 2009 when everyone on the market was offering float glass (Ug = 2.5); since 2013, the company has set the standard for dangling the safety of the window with each window having a safety hinge (mating with a "mushroom" and not using "hoods") and a safety (Hoppe Secustic) handle. Since 2017, the company has introduced as a standard product window made of PVC profiles with AL coating. It is the perfection of windows and the best thing that exists on the market because it combines all the advantages of two materials: PVC in terms of thermal and conductivity coefficient (Uf = 0.94) and AL coatings (colour choice and durability). It is currently available in an advanced version with 6 chambers, and the company is working on a basic version with 5 chambers.

The company has implemented ISO 9001, 14000, and 18000 standards and has trained the supervisory team to ensure the quality of its product during production and installation.

The company is looking for partners interested in co-financing the laboratory for testing and certifying the quality of the finished products in the form of a joint venture. The partner could contribute either in money or in-kind through technology and equipment. The experience of a potential partner in testing and certification of windows, doors, and fences would be an asset. The laboratory is part of the company's effort on improving the quality of finished products using the most modern machining centres and software renowned manufacturers. The company's other plans include investment in new production facilities and finding innovative solutions for new profile constructions following the requirements of the market.

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The company has a supervisory team and highly qualified staff with many years of experience in completion of different construction projects. Prefabrication and primary treatment takes place in the company’s workshop which has been gradually modernised to meet required standards and norms. Social responsibility is a way for the company business. Company is the winner of the European and more national awards for corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy.

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The company is looking for a partner from the private sector to create a laboratory for testing and certification of doors, windows, and fence. The partner could be either - producer of similar products, - already active in the certification and testing and aiming to expand, or - financier. The partner should in the frame of the joint venture work with the company to expand base of the clients for the laboratory in South-East Europe.

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