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A Finnish cleantech company is looking for a licensee for their patented energy saving technology

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Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
Other energy production
Energy for private/domestic housing
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A Finnish company has developed a solution that recovers heat energy from the shower water and thus creates 40% of energy savings in households. The solution is easy to install, either during the building phase or on renovation projects. The company is now looking for a licensee for their patented energy saving technology.



Warm water incorporates 60% of the water used in the showers. As the heated water is not fully utilized in the showers, 20-30% of the energy is wasted in the drain. A Finnish cleantech company has developed an innovative solution to the households' shower, that saves 40% of households' energy consumption. Regardless of the heating method used, the energy saving solution can be installed to most apartment houses, row houses, town houses, hotels, spas, sports centres, etc. The use of the energy saving solution is easy and safe, and maintenance does not require special tools. The solution is easily and quickly installed, either during the building or renovation phase.

The solution has received an approval from the leading Finnish research and technology company, after extensive testings performed in a controlled environment.

The company is now willing to license their energy saving technology. In the cooperation, the company would grant the partner the right to use the patented technology owned by the company. With the company's technology, the partner will gain a competitive edge in their local market rather than spending the time and money trying to develop its own. The company will provide training and support to the licensee during the technology transfer. The cooperation would be in the form of a license agreement, the exact details of the cooperation will be negotiated by the company and the partner.

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According to the company's calculations, the solution saves 40% of energy. In a household of four persons, the payback time is calculated to be 2,9 years with the price of electricity in Finland. The company will provide further details of the technology to the interested parties in private discussions.

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Field tested/evaluated

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The Finnish company is looking for a partner operating in the cleantech or energy sector, who is looking for new and innovative solutions to save energy in the households and is ready to acquire the license for the company's technology. The partner could be e.g. a company manufacturing shower cabinets or shower floors or a company manufacturing bathroom modules. The ideal partner should have access to local markets and the relevant expertise and experience to bring the technology to these new markets. Ideally, the partner should have the technical skills necessary for installation, maintenance and support. The Finnish company will provide relevant training and support in the technology transfer.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250,>500