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A Finnish company offering specialist software package in the theatre production planning sector seeks commercial agents

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A Finnish software development company seeks commercial agents in Europe for its software product targeted to performing arts organizations for scheduling and planning their productions. Ideally the partners should have knowledge and experience with theatre industry and theatre's production planning procedures.



The company was established in 1993 in Finland and has currently over 40 theatre customers in nine countries. The first version of the software was released in 2005. The company has special knowledge of theatre's daily operations and challenges that theaters face in their daily work and the software solution is developed specifically for theatres.

The solution takes into account all the special needs of theatre specific scheduling for events and work hours. Behind each calendar event there are artistic and technical personnel connected to it and work hours created based on this information. Actors need time allocated before and after show for make-up, masks, wigs, etc. which have to be taken into account. Theatres also have tens of different event types (rehearsals, shows, sound checks, meetings etc.) which have to be handled differently. The solution also takes care that users cannot create conflicts for persons when planning events and work hours. Based on this information the work hours can be calculated for each person and transfer it to the payroll system and for example create thresholds of work hours so that the theatre can follow the work hours and over time work for each person, work group or production for example.

Behind each calendar event there is also detailed information about the event, for example rehearsal schedule, which actors are rehearsing which scenes, when and where, all the relevant files are attached behind the event available for the attendees and so on. The solution also manages all the spaces, scenes, rehearsal rooms, foyers, meeting rooms etc. where events may take place. All this information can be shared for example through iCalendar feeds or via the Intranet which is integrated into the software. Hence all the schedules are always up to date and can be reached by all the personnel from anywhere with any device.

The company is looking for commercial agents in Europe. Contacts, knowledge or experience in theatre industry is a big plus and knowledge about software solutions is an advantage. The partnering model is negotiable and the company is ready to discuss flexibily in different cooperation models.

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The software solution is developed specifically for performing arts organizations needs and activities. The solution can also be tailored to fit each customers' specific needs and requirements as well as integrated into existing software solutions that the organization might already use, such as payroll, access control, Info-TV and human resource systems. The solution offered is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model and it works in any standards based web browser. The solution can also be used with any user interface, i.e PC, MAC, tablet computer or smartphones.

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The company is looking for commercial agents which ideally but not obligatory have knowledge and experience in performing arts industry. The ideal partner should also have knowledge about software service solutions.