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Finnish industrial sourcing expert offers their services to Sweden, Norway and Denmark, via an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement

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A Finnish industrial sourcing expert, with over 10 years of experience and proven track record, is looking for industrial design and product development companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company is specialised in adding value for their customers' business by providing fast and reliable purchasing of demanding mechanical systems. The cooperation is considered to be in the form of an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.



The Finnish company has built an extensive supplier network in Southern China that provides invincible combination of speed, quality and cost for most demanding industrial products. Today the company operates as a system supplier and a project management partner for their industrial clients in Finland. The company's focus is on visually demanding, high precision metal and plastic prototypes, tools and products for most sophisticated applications such as high tech medical, analysing and detection devices. Especially in these industrial areas the company has very strong track record.

The company has a broad and active network of experts that cover the following areas:

- Injection moulding tools

- Visually demanding high precision products and components by CNC-machined or die-casted aluminium, injection moulding, metal injection moulding

- Prototypes and small quantity series by vacuum casting by silicone moulds, reaction injection moulding (RIM), rapid injection moulding tools

- Demanding customized cable harnesses

- Efficient and cost-effective logistics services from Asia to Europe, in cooperation with a multinational logistics companies. Standard delivery term to customers is DAP (Delivered At Place).

The company is ready to expand, and they are looking for original design manufacturers (ODM), original equipment manufacturers (OEM), electronic manufacturing services providers (EMS) as well as industrial design and product development companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to partner with, in the form of an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

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The cooperation of the company with its manufacturing partners is based on a long-term partnership and mutual trust. Suppliers are carefully selected and regularly audited. With the help of their partner network, the company offers very fast service and fluent communication for their industrial clients, never compromising the quality. In May 2019 the company released a wide customer satisfaction survey to its clients, 100 % told that based on their experiences with the company, they want to increase purchases from the company rather than decrease them.

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The company is looking for ODMs, OEMs, EMS as well as industrial design and product development companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In the partnership, the Finnish company would handle the sourcing and project management of agreed systems from Asia. The company is mainly interested in forming long-term cooperation with an outsourcing agreement, however also a subcontracting agreement is possible as a first step into further business relationship.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Denmark, Norway, Sweden