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A Finnish SME is looking for distributors for their electrical lockers in Northern and Central Europe

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A Finnish storage furniture designer and manufacturer is seeking for distributors to their lockers with electrical locking systems which can be used in e.g. sports centers, schools, working places, shopping centers and other public spaces. The lockers are tailor made, they enable flexibility and different kind of solutions and use. The targeted market areas are Northern and Central Europe.



The Finnish storage furniture designer and manufacturer is focused on electrical locking systems enhancing the use and practicality of space in a variety of operating environments. For over 35 years, the SME has invested in quality and reliability, innovative design, service and the life cycle management of storage furniture.

Typical clients are fitness and sports centers, schools, working places, shopping centers, museums and other public spaces etc. The company has a collection of different lockers but they are tailor made and when necessary designed according to customers´ needs and wishes. Typical usages are storing personal belongings like clothes and valuables, but different kind of electrical locking systems enable innovative ways of use, such as internal logistics, e.g. booking company cars, delivering post within an organisation, loan or fetch products and consumables used in the office.

The SME has exported their products to about ten European countries in the recent ten years. They are now searching new distributors to increase their exports and represent their products in the targeted markets.

The targeted market areas are countries in Northern and Central Europe.

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The tailor made lockers and electric locks enable flexibility as well as different kind of solutions and use. The locks are keyless which enable easy management remotely including deleting lost cards or combining other activities, like access rights to the same card. The company's locker systems are efficient when every user doesn't need a locker but they can be used flexibly. The lockers can be designed according to clients´ needs and wishes or selected from the company's collection.

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The Finnish locker manufacturer is looking for distributors who have contacts on their local markets to companies or public sector who are potentially looking for new storage and locker systems. The distributor preferably has a technical background with an eye and the capability to discuss with several kind of customers from purchasers to architects. The distributors can be e.g. industrial companies, engineering or technical architecture companies. The role of the distributor would include first of all client contacts and relationships and sales on their local markets. Also installations and maintenance at clients´ facilities are included in the role of the searched distributors. It is also possible that some tasks can be outsourced locally by the distributors.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland


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