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A Finnish SME offers drug safety and efficacy test interpretation and testing kits

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A Finnish SME is searching for university and private clinical laboratories to serve them under service agreements in pharmacogenetic interpretation on test results to help clinicians, laboratories, and consumers to understand and benefit from the complex data. They search also corporate partners, pharmacy, and health store chains to act as distributors for the service and a consumer buccal swab test kit. The benefit is better drug safety and efficacy for personalized care and medication.



A genomic medicine expertise company based in Finland offers an easy-to-read, medical professional approved interpretation service on pharmacogenetic test results to help clinicians, laboratories and consumers to understand and benefit from the complex pharmacogenetic data. Their solution, the Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Interpretation Service, interprets the complex pharmacogenetic data and offers reliable and easy to understand PGx's state-of-the-art reports on pharmacogenetic test results. The service covers around 20 genes, that affect more than 120 drug substances, giving individual dosing recommendations for each drug. The reports are available in Finnish, English, German and Swedish, and can be quickly translated into any languages upon customer needs.

The company has also launched a pharmacogenetic testing kit for customer use. Customer can do the buccal swab test at home or at pharmacy/doctor's office and the kit can be easily mailed to laboratory. The interpreted results including individual dosing recommendations for over 120 drug substances is provided for customer in easy-to-read report format, stored in secured cloud-based web services.

The SME was established in 2013 and it has a strong medical competence inhouse. The SME is growing fast, and they are now expanding to new markets.

Drug safety and effectiveness are determined to a large extent by the person's individual genotype. Pharmacogenetic testing can be used pre-emptively when prescribing a drug and determining the right drug and dosage.

One of the most important genes in pharmacogenetics is CYP2D6. Approximately a quarter of all drugs prescribed annually metabolize through this liver enzyme. These drugs include e.g. opioids, antidepressants, and cardiac arrhythmia medicine. Depending on their genotype people can be divided in three groups based on their CYP2D6 activity: normal, rapid and slow drug metabolizers. Prescribing standard dose for a rapid metabolizer leads to an inefficiency of the treatment, and poor metabolizer faces problems as drug accumulates in the bloodstream. Pharmacogenetic testing is essential, when it comes determining the right dosage of these kind of drugs. The test increases not only individual's wellbeing, but also creates significant savings in healthcare costs.

The company is searching for university laboratories or other clinical laboratories to serve them under service agreements in pharmacogenetic interpretation.

The company also searching corporate partners and distributors for their new buccal swab test kit. Pharmacy chains are the most suitable distributors for this product.

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The products have several advantages to health care professionals and patients: - better drug safety and efficacy which increase individual's wellbeing and create savings in healthcare costs - faster decision making in medical treatment whenever needed - access to up-to-date databases of clinically relevant genetic variation on drug responsiveness and interpretation services - a comprehensive interpretation report on customers' pharmacogenetic test results - genetic test results are stored safely for later use in cloud-based web services with easy access anywhere and anytime - the database covers more than 120 drug substances and it is regularly updated while new pharmacogenetic recommendations emerge or new drugs enter the market.

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The Finnish SME is searching for university or other clinical laboratories and healthcare providers to serve them under service agreements. Suitable clinics, laboratories and corporate partners are either already carrying out pharmacogenetic testing or are ready to expand their field of activity. The Finnish SME is also interested in pharmacy chains to act as a distributor for their buccal swab test kit.