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The first syringe that can be used with one single hand with zero risk of accidental needle-stick injuries

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Two doctors in the UK and Italy have prototyped and filed for patent application on a syringe that is fully operated by one hand with zero-risk of accidental needle-stick injuries. For the first time the cap is removed and then the needle detached, using one hand. The doctors are seeking manufacturers of medical consumables for a license or financial agreement.



Using a syringe normally takes two hands, and some care by the medical professional not to get stuck by the needle. At the same time, during more complex procedures and surgeries, it would be good to stay ‘hands-on’ with the patient.

The pictures show an invention that makes the procedure both safer and more flexible.

Using this innovative syringe the operators can remove the cap from the needle and detach the needle with one hand with zero risk of accidental needle-stick injuries.

Currently, healthcare operators use two hands for all the steps or try to do some of them with one hand thus risking an accidental needle-stick injury.

Doing the operation with the new syringe is safer as the hand using the syringe is always placed behind the needle and it leaves the other hand free, which makes the medical procedure itself more accurate and safer.

The two practicing consultants, who invented and prototyped the new design, are seeking a patent sale, under a financial agreement, or a production and distribution agreement under license. The partner is likely to be a manufacturer of medical consumables.

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Safe use and operation of a syringe with just one hand. No risk of accidental needle-stick injury. The main advantage is that the other hand is free.

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Available for demonstration

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Type of partner sought: industry. Specific activity of the partner sought: manufacturing of syringes. Role of partner sought: to buy the patent rights, or to produce and sell the syringes under a license.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500