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Flat and volumetric mirrored modules on the basis SMD and COB LEDs for high-performance LED retrofit bulbs

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Lighting, illumination
Thermal insulation


A Ukrainian company, one of the leading companies in the Ukrainian market of LED technology, is working on creating LED modules for retrofit lamps with improved thermal performance and light output suitable for both surface mount technology LED (SMD) and «Chip on board» (COB) and «Chip On Flex». These technologies allow realising flexible-rigid high-performance LED modules with three-dimensional arrangement on a foil polyimide board.



The essence of the proposal is to create a technology of high-performance compact flat and volumetric COB and SMD LED modules for lamps-retrofit increased power (10-15 W) with a light output of more than 100 lm/W, color temperature 2800-4500 K with a color rendering index over 80, with improved conditions for heat removal from the LED and reflective mirrored of the holders-radiators with a total reflectance of 95%-98% with wide angle characteristics of the spatial distribution of light to 270-300о.

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The developed design and fabrication of high-performance LED modules for retrofit lamps, provides scientific and technological quality of the project, the world of the art and commercial acceptability. The technical result will be achieved through: 1. The use of flat and volumetric mirrored reflectors-holders with a total reflectance of 95-98%; 2. The use of flex-rigid polyimide commutation boards and highly modern LED crystal and SMD LEDs with a maximum light output (not less than 150 lm / W); 3. Development of manufacturing technology of high-power flat and volumetric COB modules based assembly technology «Chip on Miro» and «Chip on Mirosilver», provides a low thermal resistance of the modules and the ability to increase their luminous efficiency as part of the LED lamp.

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Under development/lab tested

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Small or Medium Business whose activities are related to LED modules, LED bulbs, lighting products

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SME 11-50