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Free pesticide and semiochemical lure and kill method for tiger mosquito control based on biomimetic principle and use of biomaterials

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An Italian start-up working in biomaterial and green solutions for pest control, has developed a new technology for control of aedes albopictus mosquitoes and potentially of other pests, in a free of pesticide, semiochemical and a very low-cost way, just through biomaterial action. The company is looking for a license agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Nowadays, lure and kill systems use semiochemical attractants and chemical pesticides. Mosquitoes are not responsive to semiochemicals and avoid pesticide sprayed sites for oviposition. Consequently, there are not cost effective lure and kill methods for tiger mosquito control.

The start-up, established in the south of Italy in 2020, is focused on new technology for control of aedes albopictus mosquitoes and of other pests. In particular, they have developed a natural biopolymer based gel able to lure tiger mosquito imitating specific environmental conditions and to kill eggs and larvae just through material action.
The system is composed by a specific gel, that can be spread inside a cheap cardboard trap and works up to 30 days. If necessary, gel can be integrated with natural biopesticides, such as fungi, because it is biocompatible and can promote their growth and survival.
In a nutshell the system lures and kills mosquitos without both pheromone and chemicals pesticide.

The company is seeking for partners working in solution for pest control, interested in
 a license agreement, in order to exploit the invention;
 a commercial agreement with technical assistance, in order to arrange the nonexclusive acquisition of the technology, supporting the transfer of the technology with the provision of the needed support services.

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The main advantages of the system are: 1. natural biopolymer without pheromone and chemicals pesticide; 2. user friendly, because the gel must be spread on a simple and cheap cardboard; 3. the whole system is completely biodegradable and safe and does not need registration as biocide; 4. gel can be integrated with natural biopesticides, such as fungi; 5. the system works up to 30 days, much more than standard low cost traps.

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Available for demonstration

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Type: company, enterprise, industry. Activity: lure and kill method for tiger mosquito. Role:  signing a license agreement - the ideal partner would buy the license for the exploitation of the invention in exchange for royalties;  signing a commercial agreement with technical assistance - the partner, interested in the technology, buys it on a nonexclusive basis and can be supported by the start-up with the services necessary for the technology transfer.