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A French audit firm specialised in norms and regulation consultancy for consumption and industrial goods is seeking for companies they could guide and partnerships in the same field of activity.

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French company specialised in norms and regulation consultancy guides, advises and trains all kind of economic actors (SMEs, start-ups, consumer goods firms ...) on product-to-market practices in France and Europe, in terms of laws applications, norms, regulations. The company is seeking for distributors, importers, European manufacturers willing to commercialise its product online or through diverse distribution channels or similar companies for commercial and/or technical partnerships.



French company specialised in norms and regulation consultancy guides, advises and trains SMEs, start-ups, consumer goods firms ... on how to get their products on track when it comes to normative and legal approval for product-to-market practices in France and Europ. It provides consulting services for laws applications, norms, regulations. It also has a test laboratory and an international network allowing the validation and certification of divers products.

Its clients are producers in the cosmetic, electrical and medical equipments and furrniture manufacturers willing to distribute their products internationally.

The company is seeking for distributors, importers, European manufacturer willing to commercialise their products online or through divers distribution channels. It provides a large range of services and consulting advisement for your product to apply to european and / or Rrench regulations..

The reason behind the company's will to find companies to collaborate with is to expand its customer base internationally and to merge and / or cooperate with similar companies abroad and therefore, to take advantage of a tightened expertise through such a collaboration.

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The company benefits from expertises in divers fields of activity (product-to-market in cosmetic / electrical equipment / medical equipment / chemical products ...) and keep a tight regulatory monitoring to offer the latest and most efficient advises for its clients. The goal is to secure their product-to-market strategy through the latest regulatory and normative updates.

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The company offers advisory on norms and regulations and product-to-market strategy for the following sectors : - electrical products - cosmetic products - medical products - Chemical products - Tableware, furnitures, decoration products It's seeking for the same expertise in other countries to build collaborations and / or companies willing to benefit from these services.

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Already on the market

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Any company, moral entity, person willing to distribute its product on the french territory Any company having a similar activity (product-to-market consulting services) willing to cooperate on the technical and normative aspect and create a synergy on a commercial aspect. For that last potential partner type, a perfect mastering of european regulation policy is mandatory

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SME 11-50,University,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250