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A french company, that developed an innovative anti-scale water device, is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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French SME, created in 1989 and specialized in water treatment, manufacturing a 100% innovative anti-scale system, is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance to extend its activities in the European area.



The unique concept they developed a few years ago now, benefits from all the technological advances and knowledge (30 years) of their engineers and the founder of the company. The company, already engaged in trans-national cooperations in several country outside Europe, wishes to extend its activities in the European area.
The device prevents the formation of hard and adhering scale by modifying the crystal structure while preserving the natural qualities of the water. The system neutralises the unpleasant effects of scale (deposit in plumbing, in appliances). This system can be set up on existing water pipes networks : domestic, building or industrial water networks, wether potable or non-potable water.
The device extends the life of installations (water heaters, sanitary facilities and household appliances) and improves the efficiency of domestic hot water (DHW) generators. It therefore makes it possible to make significant savings.
The device is passive in that no external source of electricity or heat need be provided. The device, a reactor, is 100% made of premium quality stainless steel (316L). The internal design of the unit is composed is composed of a series of zinc, titanium or polymer discs. All internal components can be changed and modified as a function of water quality.
The passage of water through such device creates multiple combined, unique and innovative actions : an electrostatic effect, very high turbulence, very high surface effect between water and all components of the device, hydro-mechanical shocks between the water and the discs inside the unit, catalysis and gentle microelectrolysis, a vortex effect leading to swirls, a venturi effect by pressure/vacuum through the special discs.
All these combined effects lead to the transformation of hard, encrusting scale into soft, flowing scale at more than 99%.
The device does not remove calcium and magnesium from the water as softeners do. It transforms hard, encrusting scale into floury, non-encrusting scale. These two types of scale have the same chemical formula, but different shapes. With or without this device, the hardness of tap water is therefore the same, with the difference that, being fluid and light, floury scale does not encrust anywhere : it drains naturally into the water flow.

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- 30 years of experience in physical water treatment. - Devices and anti scaling performancies guaranted 5 years. - An innovative product without water softener/chemicals, non magnetic, without electricity, environment-friendly and economical associated with an high quality environmental service. - A technical training session for an effective know-how transfer - Patented devices

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The company is looking for companies specialized in water treatment , already in contact with clients (plumbing, heating, wholesealers, specifiers, communities, hospitals, hotels). The company requieres exclusivity partner per country and, prior negotiation, a non-disclosure agreement for the technical information and how-know transfer. English or french spoken preferablely, for the technical training session provided in France. The product is simple to install but, the choice of its location in the water network and the choice of its composition (number of discs and nature of them) requires special know-how and knowledges. This is why the partner will be trained and technical assistance will be set up.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


The passage of water through the device creates multiple combined effects.