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French company developing the innovative "Smart Nurse Call" application that improves the patient’s medical care is looking for partners under a license agreement.

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The french startup, based in Corsica, offers an innovative application enabling an ergonomic and fluidified communication between hospitalized patients and the nursing teams (i.e. smart nurse call). The company seeks medical institutions from Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg such as hospitals or clinics to test the solution under a license agreement.



The only means of communication between a hospitalized patient and the nursing teams is a trivial nurse call, thus resulting in an extremely limited and one-way communication: a beep sound from the patient to the nurse or caregiver. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish between a request for a glass of water or an emergency call, making it all the more difficult for the nurses to get organized.

The application is accessible on the clients' mobile phone.Thanks to this mobile app, the patient can easily communicate his needs in the form of simple clicks & pre-programmed requests. On the other hand, the nursing teams have an organized, detailed and smart view of patients’ requests, available on any preexisting mobile terminals, resulting in an overall better situational awareness and management of patients’ requests.
Optimizing this communication allows to improve the patient’s medical care, improve the daily lives of nurses/caregivers, improve management and bring a gain of efficiency within services.

The french startup, created in 2018, is currently in an important period for its development. The application is valid, reliable and the first version is ready to be sold on the European market. The partners the company is looking for are hospitals and clinics. They are based in Switzerland, Belgium or Luxembourg and they will to adopt the application and to allow it to grow. The cooperation will operate under a license agreement.

The company is already setting up transnational cooperation with a hospital in Belgium.

Advantages & innovations

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The result of 3 years of collaboration with health professionals: - An innovative application that is perfectly adapted to current practices and the expectations of healthcare teams as well as the management team (procedures, work organization, etc.). - A positioning at the heart of hospitalization, which responds to logistical/business issues. - A solution to improve patients' stay in hospital. The digital patient-nurse communication: - The only actor on the European market able to generate such precise data related to communication and service’s activity. - Relevant information for reporting, clinical research or prevention because it will be possible to use that data gathered through this service for research. A mobile application, turnkey solution: - Fully functional, requiring no heavy equipment investment for the establishment. - The solution is hyper-parameterized to services’ practices and can progressively respond to specific needs (interoperability, etc.). A recognized innovation in 2019 in France: - "Best organizational innovation in healthcare" by a major insurance company - "Best Digital Innovation in Healthcare" by a renowned healthcare organization.

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Healthcare institutions that receive patients such as hospitals or clinics

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Already on the market

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The partners sought are institutions ready to deploy the solution for a test phase: hospitals, private clinics or health centers. That means offering the application to doctors, nurses and patients. This partnership will be under a license agreement.

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251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland


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