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A French company independent coffee roaster is looking for distributors specialized in organic products

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A French company, located near Lyon where the whole coffee production process takes place. It is a family-owned business with constant growth. The main goal of the owner is to offer high-quality coffees, with an ethical and ecologic focus. The company combines its purchasing policy and distribution in accordance with their strong values, working mainly with small local suppliers and paying attention to recycling packaging. The company is looking for distribution service agreements.



Created in 2001,the company moved to a bigger and more convenient place in 2007. Distribution efforts were made to become the coffee supplier of specialized organic stores within the region. It also has been certified for its organic products, at the same time as being granted an environment distinction from the Region, for its continuing efforts in accordance with environment.
In 2014, the company signed its first partnership with a farm in Peru, including fairtrade conditions. This was the first step to the ongoing process of sourcing with fairtrade conditions. The goal of the company has always been to continue its activity while paying attention to the human being.
For this purpose, the company searched for higher quality organic coffee guarantying a higher price to producers organized within cooperatives.
Ever since, the company has improved its supply chain, concluding long-term contracts with producers’ organizations, situated in South America, Africa and Indonesia.
Thanks to the dedicated Importer’s skills, they implemented fairtrade partnerships through Fair For Life requirements and certification. the company chose Fair For Life label because requirements fit with the company’s intentions, including the CSR policy towards all the actors of the supply chain. Today, the company offers a large range of 15 different coffees, and all the processing methods (from the roasting to the conditioning) is made in the French workshop.
In 2015, the company was granted the innovation prize for the biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules. As a constant priority, the company has always been searching for innovative materials and components which have less impact on the environment. This focus brought the company to be a pioneer in offering biodegradable and compostable packages (in conformity with the European norm 13432).
The company maintains its strategic position since the beginning, to distribute its final products to specialized organic stores (independent, chains of stores or organized in groups) only. It enjoys an established reputation in the Southeast region of France while increasing its activity nationally.
Thanks to its 18 years of experience, a well-established business and a modular capacity of production, the company is aiming to launch the European market. During the latest months, the manager set up facilities and some mechanization in the workshop in order to improve the employees’ working conditions, avoiding heavy handling and improving productivity at the same time.
In the next months, the company wishes to enter into distribution services agreements. In order to expand its activities.

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The advantages of the company are : - A good national reputation - A large range of 100% organic and 100% fairtrade products - A constant growth of the production - Fairness values towards: Coffee producers, final clients, employees, environment - Several certifications and labels (Ecocert / Fair For Life / Demeter / Fairtrade) - Several awards recognition (a green enterprise label for the environment facilities, a prize of innovation for coffee capsules in 2014, an award for the best organic product in its category in 2019 for the coffee “Moka Sidamo” from Ethiopia, another award for the best organic product in 2020 for the “Americ’ain pod”) - Control of a short supply chain - A production made upon orders Regarding innovation, the company is working on developping additional coffee products and reemploy coffee leftover as a raw material. The company has invested in production facilities and machines and has updated some new processing, to be ready to supply new increasing orders.

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Already on the market

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The company focuses its researches towards specialized organic distributors or wholesalers. Thanks to the implementation of distributors/ wholesalers in the dedicated country, the goal of the company is to simplify the transportation and distribution of the products to one delivery place, to rely upon the partner’s knowledge within its national market and its several distributing points. The partner should therefore be well introduced in the local market for organic products. The company is looking for distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom