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French company offering manual handling shovels for poorly accessible and narrow places under licence agreement or patent assignment

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Materials Handling Technology (solids, fluids, gases)
Distribution of building products and systems


The French company has developed a handy manual shovel to clean narrow places like sewers, wells, septic tanks… as well as foundations of pylons that can be used by a single operator. The shovel is powerful, compact and easy to use everywhere. The company is looking for manufacturers of tools for civil work. Cooperation would be based on a licence agreement or patent assignment.



The French SME has developed a manual handling shovel to extract materials from narrow spaces or to clean the foundations of electric pylons.

Narrow places like sewer manholes, storm sewers, wells, septic tanks, concrete drainage pipes… can clog if they are not cleaned regularly, which can lead to overflows, floods…

The foundations of pylons (electric, telephone and others) need to be cleaned before placing them: removing dust and stone will prevent the misplacement of the pylon.

The manual handling shovel is suitable for both of these applications.

The shovel is made of two scoops, an elongated handle to be grasped by the operator and a control system with an actuator and a brake.
Product figures:
- Scoops capacity: 3.8 litres
- Shovel length: up to 3 meters (higher length upon request)
- Tool weight: 7.8 kg – 8.8 kg
- Materials used: Aluminium (chassis and handle) and Creusabro (scoops)

Licensing to companies manufacturing handling tools for civil works is sought. Patent assignment could also be considered.

Advantages & innovations

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The shovel is: - Powerful: the scoops close up with a 100-kg force (up to 200 kg) in 2.5 s - Compact: the tool can slither and fit into small places which are hardly reachable by conventional shovels - Handy: one operator can use the shovel alone - Easy to use anywhere: as it is a manual tool, it can be used in remote areas and does not need any power supply

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Available for demonstration

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Type of partner sought: Manufacturers of tools for civil work Role of partner sought: Licensing agreement or patent assignment

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Manual handling shovels