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French company offers innovative drying and shaping process to produce a free flowing powder of microcapsules and is looking for subcontracting agreement

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A French SME specializing in fine and ultra-fine powders as a subcontractor in various areas offers an innovative process for the production of a free flowing powder of microcapsules, by a common step of drying and shaping in a fluid bed granulator. The powder can be easily carried out and ajusted to the final application. This innovation can be used in industries such as textile, biomedical, cosmetics, pharmaceutics or food/feed. The company is looking for subcontracting agreements.



A French SME specializing in production of fine and ultra-fine powders brings first-rate solutions to both SMEs and major groups in different areas through subcontracting activities :
- Fully customized production from grams to tons : grinding, milling and micronization, classifying and sieving, formulation and mixing, agglomeration and granulation
- Analysis and particle characterization : particle size and shape, morphological, thermal, surface
- In-house and external trainings on powders expertises : processes, analyses and characterization, and quality health safety and environment
- Consulting and support in the fields of process expertise, analysis expertise, technical consultation, specification studies
- Research and Development for customers or as an industrial partner in collaborative projects

Microencapsulation is used to trap active ingredients into a matrix, to create microspheres or microcapsules from 1┬Ám to 1mm.

The innovation developed by the company is to dry and shape the capsules in the same process step allowing the production of a free flowing powder of microcapsules. It is performed in a fluid bed granulator. The final product is a homogeneous powder of dried microcapsules. The powder can then be easily carried out and adjusted to the final application. With this innovation, it is also possible to perform the shaping step in the same equipment (agglomeration, granulation, coating). Drying and shaping could be performed in continuous mode, avoiding cross-contamination by any manipulation between the two steps and minimizing material loss.

The innovative process can be adapted to the requirements of the final use of the product and to the needed batch size, as it can easily be performed either batch or continuous mode.

Encapsulated raw materials can be hydrophobic or hydrophilic, and in a liquid-state or a solid-state. Encapsulating materials have to be specifically determined by encapsulated materials constraints.

This innovation can be used in all type of industries such as :

- Textile : sustained-release encapsulation of antimicrobial, hydrating or perfuming agents for examples.

- Biomedical : As example of microcapsules containing anti-inflammatory drug that are positioned at the surface of an implant, with controlled release of the drug at the interface of the living tissue.

- Cosmetics : Microcapsules containing pigments, perfumes or sensible active ingredients, which are released in time or during the application of the product.

- Pharmaceutics : Encapsulation of active principle ingredient (API). The formulation of the microcapsules is adapted to the acidity of the target organ, in order to control the release of this API.

- Food/Feed : Microcapsules can include flavours that can be sensible to oxidation or hydrolysis. It can also include bad taste ingredients as specific nutritional supplements. The formulation can be adapted to dissolve or break the capsule in mouth or in stomach for example.

The company is interested in partnerships through subcontracting agreements. The partner would provide wet capsules to the French company to dry and shape the capsules according to the needs of the final client.

Advantages & innovations

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The innovative process allows the production of a free-flowing powder of dry capsules with stable and controlled particle size distribution and high and controlled encapsulated material content, while on the market they are usually proposed wet in a slurry. The innovation is a low cost and environment-friendly process as for the drying step the process uses low temperatures in order to preserve the products and to generate low energy consumption. The final load of active ingredient in the dry microcapsules is kept at a high level, and precisely controlled. This temperature is uniformely applied thanks to controlled fluidization that creates a constant movement of the particles in the equipment. Parameters and process have been optimized in order to avoid stiking agglomerates. Compared to freeze-drying and spray-drying processes, drying in fluid bed granulator is the most favourable because of : - Low process cost - Drying at low temperatures, rapidly and avoiding loss of material - No cross-contamination (drying and shaping in the same equipment, filters dedicated to specific products) - Batch or continuous process

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The partner may be an expert in encapsulation process, or in all type of application refering to use dry capsules.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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The partner can either be an industry, academy, research organization or business. Its activity must concern encapsulation application fields, as the ones mentioned above but not exclusively. The partner has to supply wet capsules in order for the company to dry it and shape it according to final use requirements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500