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French company offers open and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) platforms

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French software editor of IoT platforms helps companies to set up easily their IoT projects regardless of the devices and technology used. The company's offer makes it possible to overcome the technical complexity of an IoT project by covering the entire value chain. It offers two IoT platforms through commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement : - a devices & connectivity management platform - a customizable data visualization platform



A french software company with ten years experience in IoT provides end-to-end solutions for IoT projects and manages technical complexity by covering the entire value chain : from capturing data, to storage, and data analysis through innovative algorithms. Its solutions has applications in smart city, transportation, industry, energy, security and health markets.

The company provides two Internet of Things platforms available in SaaS mode or On Premise:
- a devices %26 connectivity management platform, to handle heterogeneous connected devices and connectivity.
- a data visualization platform to create customizable online dashboards

The two platforms are open and interoperable.

The company offers all the skills and tools necessary to help companies implement their Internet of Things projects :
- a support team speaking French and English to answer all technical questions and ease the deployment.
- a large development team to create solution fitted to needs (platform, app…).
- a customer success manager to ensure the follow up and gather new customer needs.
- a sales team with an expertise in IoT to advise customers on the best devices and connectivity means.

The company has a deep knowledge in Internet of Things project management, from the choice of the connected devices, the connectivity set up and the data management.

A typical project include advices on sensors to deploy, handling of the implementation of adapted connectivity and managing the whole from the company's platforms.

The company is interested in technical cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

The company is seeking technnical cooperation agreements with partners who propose a technology that can be integrated into its platforms to advance and enrich them. For example the company can integrate a new sensor, a new security or interoperability standard, or a new means of communication (satellite, 5G...). Once the new technology is integrated the company can advise its customers to best meet their needs. Such a partnership involves long-term relationships as it requires investment in R&D and it requires collaboration and exchange with partner technical teams.

In the case of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, the company is looking for partners who need to complete their offer with its solutions. For example, the company proposes to work together to produce joint offers as part of joint responses to tenders.

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- Multi connectivity: the device and connectivity platform can handle all connectivity technologies: cellular (machine to machine sim cards), low-power wide-area network (long range technology, Sigfox), satellite… - Scalable and open platforms: the platforms are fitted to manage any number of devices and permit mass deployment. - Lightweight M2M protocol: the platforms include interoperability standards. - Monitoring and alerting: the data visualization platform integrate a sophisticated notification system.

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The company is looking for small or medium companies or cities which need to implement an internet of things project by deploying connected devices to collect data, and in needs of an IoT platform to manage all their devices, the connectivity and to visualize data. The role of the partner sought for a technnical cooperation agreement is to use the platform to integrate and analyze data from various connected devices, in collaboration with technical teams. The role of the partner sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance is to work with the company to produce joint commercial offers, for example in response to calls for tenders. Whatever the sector (industry, services, transportation…) the platform can handle as many types of devices as needed. The company also helps its client to choose the best devices and connectivity networks thanks to a deep knowledge of IoT technologies.