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A French company offers a special machine for forming boxes with ribbons

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A French company designs custom machines for industry. They have developed a specific machine integrating the forming of boxes and the punching of ribbons on them. This all-in-one process allows a high production rate of boxes. The French company is looking for partners acting in packaging in order to engage in a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



A French company conceives and manufactures special machines for industrials. The company has developed a box forming machine with ribbons. The adding of ribbons is directly integrated into the process and so, allows to gain time in the production.

This machine has been developed by the R&D team of the company in order to propose a special machine forming boxes dedicated to chocolates.
The machine is fed with cardboards. It forms the box in 3D with folding equipments and then, the boxes’ shape is maintained by hot melt glue.
A second feeder has been integrated to put the rigidity plates in the packaging.
Next, the machine puts ribbons on the boxes via a punching system.
The French company has also integrated the possibility to insert a parchment paper inside the box.

This special machine could produce up to 1200 products/hour.
Boxes could be from different sizes as used cardboards could vary from 120x160 mm to 600x600 mm with a thickness of 0,3 to 1,5mm.
Ribbons can be from 12 to 15 mm in width, and with a length of 200 to 350 mm.

The machine is perfectly suitable for chocolate’s makers, or other luxury products needing to be packed with ribbons.
The French company is looking for partners in packaging interested in selling and adapting the machine to client’s requirements. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is proposed.

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- The machine integrates ribbon’s punching - Up to 1200 boxes/hour are produced - Size of ribbons could vary: width of 12 to 15 mm - length of 200 to 350 mm - The machine is conformed to 2006/42/CE Machines - Optional boxes stacking could be proposed - Optional parchment paper inside the box could be proposed - Optional pellet for box separation during stacking could be proposed

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Already on the market

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The French company is looking for partners acting in packaging. The ideal partner would be a company producing boxes in cardboards and who might be interested in producing boxes with integrated ribbons. The French company offers its know-how and technical assistance in order to adapt the machine to specific requirements.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250