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French company specialised in the design of concrete block walling systems is looking for licensees with manufacturing capacity

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The French engineering company is a specialist in the field of prefabricated concrete elements designed for road, railways, maritime and river banks support as well as for noise and industrial protection. The company who has patented its cost-effective techniques is looking for licensees who will manufacture the devices in Europe as well as in Israƫl, Tunisia, Armenia, Canada and the USA in order to sell and manufacture this technology.



The French company has developed a technology which combines traditional elements of design with innovative elements in order to produce structures that can be handled manually and installed with ease and speed in order to form retaining walls.

The primary objective of this concept is the use in design and manufacture of easy-to-handle blocks that can be used in challenging locations. Thanks to a patented interlocking system, the surcharges can be absorbed within the structure. Additionally, the concept offers noise barrier solutions in vertical or inclined structures.

The enterprise never manufactures the products itself but has them manufacturered by local partners. Hence it is looking forward to developing a network of licensing partners with manufacturing and sales capacities so that the solutions can be locally produced.

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- The French company which is over 20 years old has devleoped a unique patented know-how. -Its staff is composed of specialised engineers and it enjoys in-house engineering facilties. -The innovative techniques initiated by the company enable the production of structures that can be either simple stem-gravity solutions or can include geo-grid reinforced structural backfills for more demanding heights or surcharges. - The modular units it conceives can be installed in areas of particularly difficult access or in locations that require sensitive environmental solutions. - Installation is an easy process with minimal need for mechanical assistance.

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The company is looking for partnerships with pre-cast concrete manufacturers who have a sales network and contacts with contractors, civil engineers, architects as well as public works companies. The products will be manufactured in the partner countries and targeted to the national market. The partners will be offered licensing agreements. It will provide assistance for design and engineering to its partners who will benefit from its know how and experience. Training will also be provided.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500