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A French company specialized in the fabrication of press tools and precision mechanics for automotive industry is looking for partners in the European Union for manufacturing agreements.

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A French medium-sized company specialized in the design, manufacture and try out for press tooling since 30 years has also expanded a second activity of precision mechanics for several years. The company is searching for partners in the European Union in need of manufacturing press tools and precision mechanics in automotive, agrofood, aeronautics and other industries for a long term partnership with manufacturing agreements.



Located in Normandy in France, the company is specialized in the study, manufacture and try-out of press tools.

The company works principally with the automotive industry like stamping companies, and also has clients in agrofood and home appliance sectors. The Company is already exporting in Spain, Germany and Romania.

Its expertise enables the company to work with thick steel up to 6 mm.
The company has its own design office and workshops where the tools’ elements are machining, manufacturing and trying-out. The company has advanced equipment, like powerful programs and several high speeds machining center with large dimensional capacities.

The company is able to produce different type of tools, progressive tool or transfer tool with foundry or welded frames.

The company has a lot of equipment to realize the press tool. With ten high-speed machining centers with small and big capacities, from 4 000 mm in length to 2 000 mm of width. It also has an area composed of two electrical discharge machining (EDM) and one punching machine. The assembly and try out sector is composed of five presses from 160 tons to 1 200 tons.

These are mechanical presses; all are equipped with automatic fittings and unwinders.
They are capable to receive and produce with tools from 4 000 mm of length, 2 000 mm to width and 1 200 mm of height.

The company also has a metrology service to coordinate measuring machine of capacity of 1 000 mm x 1 000 mm x 800 mm working on the software METROLOG 2.

Many customers in France and Europe already trust the company. It relies on its experience and know-how to support new clients in their project.

The company wants to develop its activities and sales in Europe by finding new partners working in the field of cutting and press stamping tools for automotive, agrofood, aeronautics and other industries sectors. The partner can be a manufacturer or a service provider to the companies of the cutting and press stamping tools. The company wants to establish a long term partnership with manufacturing agreements.

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The manufacture of press tools is the core business of the company since 1985. Thanks to this, the company is an ideal partner for a long time collaboration. The company has its own design office which works with advanced software like UNIGRAPHICS and also a great and perform park machine with a lot of precision machines with capacities up to 4 meters by 2 meters. It also has a competent team to try out and finalise the press tools with precision. Company’s clients are the biggest automotive suppliers in Europe since the beginning. The company is certified ISO 9001:2015 (Certified in the field of Design, manufacture and try out press tooling) and invests a large part of its time in tools’ research and development in order to satisfy its clients. The company is autonomous and takes the tools from start to finish. Company's staff coupled with the diversity of the machines allows it to be competitive and to answer to requests of a lot of customers in various sectors. Strong of its experience and with the desire to satisfy its clients’ requests, the company proposes its services in the fields in which it is specialized.

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The company is looking for partners located in the European Union. The partner must be able to speak French or English. The language is essential to communicate about item’s technical data between the company and the client. The company is searching for reliable partnership interested in a long-term collaboration. The future partner will have to work in the field of cutting and press stamping tools. It can be a car manufacturer or a service provider to the companies of the cutting and press stamping tools. It could also be a company working in agrofood, aeronautics and other industries. The requests coming from the future partner could come from different needs like press tools, produce of parts, needs for maintenance or modification of tools. The technical skills of the partner would be part of his accompaniment in the project. The client will have to assist the company technically within the limits of its competences. It will have to validate the processes for the realization of the tools or to validate the studies according to the nature of the request. The future partner should be the company’s interlocutor towards the end customer in the event of a request for derogation for example. The future partner will have to accompany the company in the technical and administrative validation of the tools in order to work together on the projects until final validation.

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