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A French company is urgently looking for industrial manufacturer of high density foam tubes

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A French SME designs, develops and markets a full range of wooden ride-on toys (cars, planes, motorcycles) for children. The company is looking for industrial manufacturer of cylindrical tubes in high density foam black or colored (lengths 60 mm and 210 mm - internal diameter 20 mm). These have to be used as handlebar grips, in order to equip a toy model of ride-on moto-type. A long-term industrial partner is sought for a manufacturing agreement.



A French SME is designing and developing a full range of wooden ride-on toys for outdoor and indoor uses. The SME offers high-end and evolutive ride-on toys for children between 1 and 3 years old (<30kg). So on, children hold their ride-on toys at home for many years.

In order to equip a range of ride-on moto-type toys, the SME is looking for an industrial manufacturing partner to provide high density foam tubes, to be fixed on metal handlebar 20mm of diameter (see pictures).

The high density foam tubes must have 2 different lengths (60mm and 210mm) and should be available in black or different colours.

A manufacturing agreement is sought with a long-term industrial partner.

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An industrial manufacturer is sought in order to produce tubes made in high density foam with specific characteristics: -Internal diameter of the tubes: 20mm -Lengh of tubes (size 1): 60mm (2000 pieces per year) -Lengh of tubes (size 2): 210mm (1000 pieces per year) -Color: black, blue, red, pink, gray -Material: high density foam

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Already on the market

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A well-established industrial manufacturer, preferably based in Europe, is sought in order to produce the high density foam tubes expected under a manufacturing agreement for a long term partnership.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Handlebar grips