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French craft studio is looking for subcontractor in wood working and/or carpentry in Italy, Spain and Portugal

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A French SME designing, creating and fabricating small household upholstery furniture like ottoman and foot stools, is looking for a wood working furniture maker manufacturer to produce wood frames in round or rectangular shapes and also wooden legs. The SME is looking for long-term subcontracting partner in Italy, Spain and Portugal.



A French company is producing its own design ottoman/foot stools made of wood frames upholstered with textile and/or wool fleece. The upholstery work is hand crafted in the French studio with the finest details using traditional technics.

The present line of ottoman/foot stools includes round/circular shape frames as well as rectangular ones, and also wooden legs (see pictures).

The SME is currently working on broadening the line of ottoman/foot stools. The new line includes square shapes and taller shapes. The new line includes wooden legs and also iron legs in hairpin shape (see pictures). Although this later condition is not crucial for the partnership sought.

The French SME aims to focus on the design and creation of the products lines and needs a manufacturing partner for wooden parts under subcontracting agreement in order to save time. It is urgently looking for a long term relationship partner based in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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Long-term partner specialised in wood working able to produce various wooden parts with these specific characteristics: 1/ Sizes for the present line: -rectangular shape wood frame ("Roger" type): height 150mm x length 610mm x width 380mm -wooden legs ("Roger" type): length 210mm x diameter at the top 50mm x diameter at the base 20mm including a threaded rod at the top -round shape wood frame ("Solange" type): height 190mm x diameter 440mm -round shape wood frame ("Madeleine" type): height 190mm x diameter 500mm -wooden legs ("Solange" or "Madeleine" types): length 150mm x diameter at the top 50mm x diameter at the base 25mm including a threaded rod at the top 2/ Sizes for the new line: -solid sturdy wood plate ("Peter" type): height 50mm x length 800mm x width 400mm -solid sturdy wood plate ("Paul" type): height 50mm x length 1200mm x width 400mm -Hairpin shape iron legs ("Peter" or "Paul" types): thickness 12mm x height 350mm -square shape wood frame ("Mary" type): height 400mm x length 380mm x width 380mm -round shape wood frame ("Romeo" type): height 410mm x diameter 400mm Material needed for frames: plywood, masonite, T nuts, staples for the types Roger, Solange, Madeleine, Mary or Romeo. Material needed for wooden plate: solid sturdy wood such as oak, marple, walnut or local dense hard wood for the types Peter or Paul. Materials needed for wooden legs: solid clear wood, finish to be clear lacquered and/or mat black, straight tapered shape. Materials for the metallic legs: solid black iron rod and/or concrete rebar ; finish to be clear lacquer and/or black thermal paint. It could be a plus if the partner can produce also the metallic legs but it is not mandatory at all. - Expected quantities per order: ten pieces for each product model. - The French company will place 2 orders per year.

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Already on the market

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The partner should be an industrial manufacturer in wood working and/or carpentry able to produce the specific wooden parts (see pictures). A long term partner is sought in Italy, Spain and Portugal under subcontracting agreement.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Italy, Portugal, Spain