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French designer and manufacturer of microwave and radiofrequency based connectivity solutions is looking for technical cooperations in the EU

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Aeronautical technology / Avionics
Satellite Navigation Systems
CAD/CAM, CAE systems
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The company was founded in 1990 and specialised in radiofrequency and microwave coax cable assemblies and subsystems for aerospace, defence and safety markets. Their ambition is to be an international reference in radiofrequency and microwave on and be listed as a tier 1 provider by its clients.The company is present at international level in Canada, Brazil and India. The objective now is to better serve the EU market through technical cooperations in Germany, Italy and the UK.



The company was created in Southern France 30 years ago. The team is composed by 19 employees including an engineering and a production department.

The aim of the company is to improve the connectivity within transport units such as aircrafts, space rockets, a tanks etc. This mission is carried out through the design and the execution of engineering services. An example of such services the company is currently working on could be the wifi set ups in airplanes.

Concretly in terms of engineering services, the company has 2 offers to its final clients:

- Radiofrequency and microwave coax cable assemblies
- Radiofrequency and microwave subsystems

For the coax cable assembly, the company primarly selects the cables and connectors according to the requested performance (frequency use, low loss etc.), to the technical constraints (i.e. temperature and vibration) and to the suppliers' constraints (time delivery optimization). The SME also offers the storage, the coax cable manufacturing (IPC 260) and the individual testings according to specific parameters.
The second engineering service provided by the company focuses on radiofrequency and microwave subsystems and includes the mechanical computer aid drafting, the choice of components, coax cable manufacturing, integration and prototyping & production.

In order to deliver both services the company set up the manufacturing line for coaxial lines in order to better integrate the upstream of its supply chain. For this production line, the company therefore applied to various certifications : ISO 14001 and AS/EN 9100.
The choice was made to produce the coaxial cables but not the connectors used also for the assembly these are purchased worldwide.

The company's engineering services address different markets including the defence sector for the army, the navy and the air force, the space and the aviation industries as well. The SME is also working on connectivity for sensitive sites such as airports, ports, jails data centers in order to improve safety conditions.

Present at international level especially in Canada where the company settled through a sister company, the ambition of the SME is to offer their engineering services in more projects at European level to its existing clients' network but also to new potential ones..
The world leader corporates on the targeted markets (aerospace, defence and safety) are not only located in France but also in Germany, in the UK and Italy.

The SME is therefore interested in technical cooperations with tier 1 connectivity providers of major European corporates on the targeted markets.

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- High adaptability for the customers with a competitive cost/time delivery ratio - Customized connectivity coax cable assemblies - customization in order to fulfill the customers' requirements - Radiofrequency & microwave engineering services that can be tailored to any global project - High quality standard in production of coaxial cables (ISO certifications) - An efficient and structured technology watch approach on radiofrequency & microwave components is a key lever of the company's performance

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Already on the market

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The SME is looking for tier 1 suppliers of the main European aerospace, defence and safety accounts. The potential partner should provide connectivity services to the final clients and could combine the SME's engineering services to its own offer in order to improve its value proposition to the final client. The partner sought needs to own all the necessary certifications to work on the targeted markets (aerospace, defence and safety). The envisaged partnership should materialise through technical agreements.

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SME 51-250


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Germany, Italy, United Kingdom