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French fine arts creator offering jewel and jewelry items design services for international brands under subcontracting

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Metals and Alloys
Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Other speciality materials
Manufacture of jewellery and related articles


A French jewel creator holding several awards in fine crafts is offering jewel design services from early design until industrialisation under subcontracting agreement to large jewel brands or luxury product brands interested to develop jewelry based objects for premium branding.



This French jewel creator has the capacity to create fine arts items in accordance with the image and values of premium brands, while providing its own touch inspired by orientalism, ethnicity and contemporary art with mentors like master glassmaker Lalique or jeweller Faberge.

Her skills include the combination of different precious materials, with the ability to obtain innovative textures while keeping wearing comfort for the end-user (jewel customer) and longevity.

Before launching her own business, she worked for premium jewellery firms at international level.
Through this small business, she's able to provide initial design for new jewel creation, starting with gouache painting, then moving on to prototyping, sourcing and finally consulting for the industrialisation and production of the final product.

She's already working under subcontracting agreements for multinational brands and is now looking to expand its portfolio to other brands or intermediaries like communication agencies working in the field of luxury goods.

She's targeting jewel manufacturers but also premium brands not necessarily producting jewels but interested to integrate some jewelry based items to increase their premium image (for instance smartphone premium casing)

Advantages & innovations

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Creation of novel types of jewel associating different types of materials (noble metals, precious stones) not usually found in today's jewel market. Her main advantage relies in its fine arts skills to source noble materials and to mix them with non traditional materials in order to get innovative texturation Transfer of jewelry design capacity to develop items to promote a premium corporate image to reknown brands ("corporate business presents", other non-jewel applications like smarphone casings, ...)

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Already on the market

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Type : Luxury brand multinational firms either 1° producting fine jewels 2° production premium products and willing to add jewelry based goods to increase their image (e.g. smartphone casing, premium car key, ...) Role : Subcontract the design and development of new jewelry based items

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>500 MNE