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French food ingredients manufacturer on the health and nutrition sector is looking for distributors

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A French company specialized in manufacturing ingredients for healthy food, from meat and co-products of snails, want to expand its customer's portofolio. The company is looking for partnership with nutrition supplements producers or distributors for the supply of its five main ingredients. It is interested by distribution services agreements and manufacturing agreements.



This French company promotes the biotechnology of the snail. It is the leading manufacturer of ingredients for healthy foods, from flesh snail co-products.

From snail flesh, the company produces 3 unique raw materials:

– bioactive peptides with angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory effects, to prevent and reduce high blood pressure
– an enzymatic cocktail to improve digestibility
– snail protein with the 9 essential amino acids

From snail slime, 2 other ingredients are made :

– a food ingredient with recognized properties, for joint health improvement
– a cosmetic ingredient with wound healing and moisturizing properties

These are five quality food ingredients, with recognized properties.
They come from internal research. The company is the only one to market them.
They come in the form of powders and can be integrated in:
- Food supplements for the health of the consumer welfare market
- Feed or nutritional supplements for animals (poultry, pigs, dogs, cats)
- Cosmetic products.

The startup is positioned as a professional ingredient manufacturer in the health nutrition market in France and worldwide.

The company is looking for :
- specialists in the nutrition, health or cosmetic sector food supplements for distribution services agreements;
- manufacturers of ingredients or laboratories looking for manufacturing agreements to develop new products.

For distribution agreements, the partner should have a good network and a good knowledge in this sector.
For manufacturing agreements, the French start-up can help its partner develop new products thanks to its strong research experience in this sector.

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This company of the food tech is the culmination of 5 years of research and development, on the issue of biotechnological enhancement of snail flesh. Several rewards competitions related to the innovation ecosystem helped to recognize the project. The ingredients provided by the company are totally natural and benefit for health (high blood pressure, digestive comfort, joint health improvement). Many awards : - « Emergence » by Ministry of Higher Education and Research (2014) - Business France during Vitafoods show - Innovation SIAL 2016 - Article - Annals of Cardiology and Angiology July 2017

Partner sought

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The company seeks partners for distribution service agreements or manufacturing agreements. The potential distributor should have very good contacts to the target groups, i.e. - wholesalers of healthy food and supplements or cosmetic products. Furthermore, the distributor should have the knowledge in the sector of food supplements for the health of consumer welfare market and feed for animals. For manufacturing agreements, the French start-up can help its partner develop new products thanks to its strong research experience in this sector.