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French importer of precious prickly pear seed oil naturally rich in Vitamin E, Omega-6, Omega-9 and Phytosterols from the Maghreb is looking for distributors in Europe

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A French SME specialised in naturopathy imports niche cosmetic products in limited quantities which reflects the excellence and authenticity of the living heritage of the Maghreb. The SME offers in particular a high-quality rare organic prickly pear seed oil with healthy and beauty properties for skin to be sold in gift box or in bulk - seed oil / seed powder. The SME seeks retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers well established in cosmetic sector in Europe for distribution services agreements.



A young dynamic French company was created in 2019 by two naturopathic enthusiasts, who seek to essentially promote health ingredients and organic products as well as the aromatic or medicinal plants obtained from wild picking.

The SME offers a rare high-quality 100% organic prickly pear oil, obtained by first cold pressing of prickly pear seed. It is rare because to produce 1liter of oil, 30kg of seeds are needed which represents 1ton of prickly pears.

This rare oil has a high concentration of phytosterols (1000mg/100g of oil) recognised for their repairing properties of the skin, regeneration of the epidermis and soothing power, relieving skin reactive or discomfort-prone. Moreover, phytosterols help improve the elasticity of the skin and make it soften.

This oil is ultra rich in vitamin E (1750mg/100g of oil), natural antioxydant preservative which prevents its rancidity by free radicals and which, in cosmetic preparations as an active anti-inflammatory ingredient, soothes redness and irritation of the skin. In addition, it is an excellent anti-aging active ingredient particularly recommended for dry and mature skin and in repairing after-sun care.

In addition this oil contains plenty of fatty acids type Omega-6 (linoleic acid) and Omega-9 (oleic acid) involved in the production of cell membranes. At the skin level, it is part of the composition of ceramides which are part of the lipid cement, a real protective barrier of the epidermis.

Finally this natural oil is composed of oleic acid 25%, palmitic acid 12% and linoleic acid 57%, with nourishing and emollient properties very valued in cosmetics. It is rich in active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin (anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, anti-spots, anti-redness, moisturising, healing, regenerating).

The prickly pear oil is available in gift boxes flasks 15ml or 30ml which can be sold by retailers in specialised shops such as organic stores, drugstores, beauty aids shops or others.

As a bonus the company can also supply organic prickly pear seed oil in bulk (bottle 1L / can 3L or 20L) for use in cosmetics. The SME can also provide the partner with organic prickly pear powder in bulk (100g or more) that can be used as a cosmetic exfoliant for all skin types. This powder has long-term effects to make the skin smooth with a regular skin texture. It can also be used to carry out a maceration precious. The types of application products can be scrub, mask, gels, emulsions, balms, soaps.

The French SME is looking for retailers or wholesalers partners abroad, well established in the sector of cosmetics, interested in selling this rare organic prickly pear seed oil under distribution services agreements. The SME is also looking for manufacturers interested in distributing the products under their own brand or to use seed oil or seed powder to enrich their products.

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Compared to conventional products on the market this high-end prickly pear oil has unequaled properties: -rare and unique composition for use in cosmetics -made by hand in a Maghreb orchard -recognised organic: USDA certified, ECOCERT certified, AB certified -healthy and beauty skin properties: natural high content in Phytosterols, Vitamin E, Omega-6, Omega-9 -small quantities delivered per year. Several conditionings are possible: -available in gift box : organic oil in flask 15ml or 30ml -avalable in bulk: organic oil in bottle 1L or can 3L/20L -available in bag: organic powder in pouch 100g or more

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Already on the market

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Partners abroad well established in wholesale or retail of cosmetic products, beauty and health skin products, which are interested in selling this rare organic prickly pear seed oil. Distribution services agreements are sought with distributors and retailers such as organic stores, organic cosmetics stores, beauty aids shops, drugstores. Distribution services agreements are sought also with manufacturers of cosmetic products which could offer this organic oil under their own brand or need organic prickly pear powder in their products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


Prickly pear seed organic powder


Prickly pear seed organic oil - Certificate


Organic prickly pear seed oil - Can 3L or 20L


Organic prickly pear seed oil - Bottle 1L


Organic prickly pear seed oil - Gift box flask 15ml or 30ml


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