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French manufacturer of high-quality microfiber textile products and cleaning tools is looking for distribution services agreement

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Health and beauty aids
Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Manufacture of non-wovens and articles made from non-wovens, except apparel
Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles
Manufacture of brooms and brushes
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This French company is a family-run business founded in 1977. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning tools for different business sectors (medical, food, community and retail), it also develops products with private label for the general public and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) articles. It is currently looking to expand its activity mainly in Western Europe through contracting with new business partners under distribution services or commercial agency agreements.



This France-based company has more than 20 years’ experience in developing high-quality microfiber textile products and ergonomic cleaning tools for many business sectors (commercial cleaning utensils, housekeeping and windows supplies, pet accessories, bath linen and beach linen and personal care products made of microfiber).

It can provide standard and tailor-made products (with private label), so it can offer endless possibilities to its clients.

It can help, guide and advise its business partners from the concept stage right through to product presentation and packaging.

It can assist with design, production, labelling, regulations and pack design while respecting the environment.

Its systems and procedures are audited to the highest levels, so all projects are in good hands.

Its comprehensive range of products comprises :
- Cleaning tools:
Versatile microfiber cloths, microfiber replacement cloths for mops, floor cloths, sponges, window and glass cloths, cloths for wine glasses and glassware, dusting mitts, cleaning mitts, telescopic mops, telescopic poles, brooms, squeegees, door mats, dish drying mats.
- Cleaning utensils for car and boat care (cloths, mitts, telescopic poles).
- Linen made of microfiber
- Beach and outdoors linen (towels, bags)
- Bath linen (towels, facecloths, bathrobes, bathmats)
Pet accessories
- Grooming gloves, towels, dog beds, cat beds, clean paws gloves
- Personal care products made of microfiber
- Make-up remover pads
- Make-up remover mitts
- Facial cleansing scrubbing pads
- Hair dry turbans

The company wishes to develop and ensure durable and harmonious partnerships, in the frame of :

- distribution services agreement : the sought partners should be willing to maintain a stable business relationship and to work on long-term projects. Ideally, they must have several sales outlets throughout the country, and a good company awareness.
The French company is able to offer high-quality products, free product-training, free storage of goods (for over a period of 9 months) and a reliable after-sales service.

- commercial agency agreement : the sought partner must possess thorough experience in the targeted market and proven experience on client acquisition.
The French company can offer product-training, ongoing dialogue on business and quality matters and a mutually beneficial partnership.

Advantages & innovations

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- since many years, it has been a major player in the manufacturing and distribution of microfiber textile products and cleaning tools for different business industries in France and other countries. - provides leadership and expertise in development, engineering, and manufacturing from its facility. - it is involved from concept to product delivery. - owns an ISO 9001 certified company in China, thus ensuring a higher level of quality and a full respect for all relevant international standards. The factory develops and produces innovative and high-quality items. - totally based on European model, the quality controls are carried out at each step of the manufacturing process and they ensure high technical level as perfect finish of cloth and tools. - R&D department allows to be pioneers in terms of creativity and patented products. The company is always keeping an active watch on its patents, trade marks and designs to protect its intellectual property. - Design and Communication department is fully integrated and offers services of consultants complying with each client’s wishes, designing packaging and communication tools focused on each customer’s marketing direction. - its commitment is to provide its customers a perfect integration of all the manufacturing steps that lead to seamless customer service and satisfaction. - products are highly efficient in comparison with current products that are sold in the market for general consumers and professionnals. Their technical features are based directly by their performance in very strict workplaces. - some articles are totally unprecedented : they are high performing, easily convincing the most of demanding customers.

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Already on the market

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It is looking for business partners from supermarket and DIY (Do It Yourself) retail chains, department and cosmetic stores, direct selling companies and manufacturers of cleaning products. The ideal cooperation would be in a win-win basis, with a partner that seeks for private label/OEM products, through : - distribution service agreement : the partner must abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement. It should also complies with the minimum requirement of products ordered. - commercial agency agreement : the partner must promote the products and also increase sales.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500