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French manufacturer of an intelligent air purifier system for moulds, COVs, bacteria, fine particles, viruses other pollutants seeks distributors in Europe

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A French company has developed an indoor air purifier, medical-grade for professionals. The device is 100% made in France, eco-friendly and has demonstrated high efficiency. The device is well recognized and used in various sectors: hospitals, private doctors, dentists, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and hairdressers/beauty care centers. The French company is willing to extend its distribution network and is proposing a distribution agreement for a long-term partnership.



Indoor air quality in healthcare establishments is of increasing concern due to the evolution of care practices, the deterioration of buildings and the presence of vulnerable patients.
A French company has developed an air purifier technology for that purpose. The French company relies on a strong expertise in air quality and its willingness to take action for the health and well-being of people to guarantee healthy and pure air to breathe indoors.

The purifier was first developed for the medical sector : healthcare professionals as for waiting rooms and hairdressers. Its use was then extended to business areas where the public gather.

The device is based on a multiple set of filters and performs thanks to different technologies which are combined:
• 1st: antibacterial, virucidal and acaricidal filter certified EN1276 EN14675 targeting bacteria, acaricides (dust mites), pollen, dust and particles (PM10, PM2.5)
• 2nd: a very high density activated carbon filter which eliminates odours (such as tobacco smoke), gas, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), chemical compounds, etc.
• 3rd: EN1822-certified HEPA or ULPA medical filter bacteria, acaricides (dust mites), pollen, dust, fine particles (PMO.1, PM10, PM2.5), etc.
• 4th: photocatalysis grid with germicidal UV-C lamps for smoke, VOCs, gas, bacteria, viruses, etc.
• 5th: the active oxygen option for the elimination of microorganisms as air disinfection process

Tests carried out by an independent French laboratory have shown an efficiency of more than +99.6% after only 10 minutes on the elimination of viruses responsible for human coronavirus diseases in the air.

The device is proposed in 2 models, one for a 60 sqm filtration and the other one for a 120 sqm room.
The purifier is environmentally friendly. The French company engages itself in sustainable development The device is so eco-designed: the French company limits its energy consumption, chooses raw materials with lower impacts and extends the life of their devices. The device is 100% made in France, thanks to local and national partnerships.

The device is compact and connected. A touch screen panel allows users to check in real time data and modify the purifier’s speed. From a monitoring screen and IT asset management software, the remote system allows the control of air in working and living spaces.

The performance and harmlessness of the air purifier was verified through the European Commission’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program.
The results of the tests demonstrate this harmlessness: the air purifiers do not emit any particles, VOCs, NOx, or ozone while in use and they demonstrate excellent performances on all pollutants typically present in air indoors.

The French company is looking for new distributors for its devices. The device is dedicated to being used in the healthcare sectors but also by professionals welcoming the public such as hairdressers, shops, cultural venues, restaurants, hotels or into offices with open spaces, in order to protect the staff.
A long-term partnership is proposed for a distribution agreement.

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Strengths of the solution: • Eco-designed device with proven harmlessness and 100% Made In France • Easy to use and maintenance free: Plug&Play system • Exclusive combination of 3 technologies : air filtration, photocatalysis & disinfection treatment • Tests and certificates guaranteeing performance • High performance medical grade filtration • Real-time indication of pollutants and filter wear thanks to the control screen • Quiet (from 18 dB) and low energy consumption (from 16W) • Automatic mode which adapts its operating speed to the pollutants encountered • Exclusive monitoring system • Individually tested before shipment - delivered with quality certificate and serial number

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The partner should organise all business aspect in the allocated territory and in the defined sector(s) of activity: - respect of the French brand image, - prospect existing and new clients, - promotional activities, - delivery, installation advice and after-sales service According to market feedback on competitors and pricing policies, sales conditions can be adapted. The partner must have a professional network (BtoB) and must be able to promote the products with a direct approach (push), have stock and ensure delivery of the equipment to the end customer. Core business can be ventilation/heating equipment’s, disinfection and sterilization devices or even offices equipment’s (printers, watercooler…) The French company will train the distributor on different subjects: awareness of the sources of pollutants, the strong points of the devices, their use and questions to ask the end customers to sell the right devices,… The French company will also support the partner for promotion in their market with all their experience, knowledge. The French marketing department is very active on social network and on internet.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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