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French manufacturer of powerful electric scooters is looking for distributors

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The French company is developing and manufacturing high quality electric scooter with powerful engines : 50 and 125cc category, 2 or 3 wheelers. Each scooter is assembled on demand by technicians in the company's factory in the south of France, which allows a perfect control of the production process and a high quality product. The company is looking to expand in Europe and is looking for distributors, importers of electrical vehicles.



Created in 2011, located in the South of France, the SME is a manufacturer of powerful electric scooters, 50 and 125cc category, 2 or 3 wheelers. The company's engineers have designed, patented, and developed the principal parts of the scooters : battery, motor, controller, battery management system, innovative suspension. The company outsources the fabrication of these parts to European manufacturers. Then, each scooter is assembled on demand in the client's factory, which allows a perfect control of the production process and a high quality product.

The company's products are the perfect vehicles for commuters, professionals or public services agents who need a comfortable scooter, safe, with high specifications, reliable on any paved streets, motorway or mountain roads.

In France, 70% of the company's scooters are used by police forces, council agents, fire men, airport employees, blood transporter, etc.

The French company wants to expand its sales network in Europe and is looking for specialised importers, distributors of electrical vehicles and is also open to partnerships with car manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

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Key features for the 125 scooter are a first-in-class driving range (up to 110 km), a strong motor torque and up to 120 km/h speed. The new model launched recently is a unique 3 wheel scooter on the market, with incredible stability, high road holding but the maneuverability is equivalent to a 2 wheel scooter. Other advantages: -scooters are designed and produced in France (made in Europe) -in-house engineering, premium fabrication -personalization as scooters are made on demand -large choice of mobility solutions (delivery, police, waste cleaning…) -high-end specifications and performances -EU and Switzerland approved in Le1 and Le3 categories (vehicle categories)

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The French company is looking for importers, dealers and distributors of electrical vehicles to promote and sell the different scooters in EU countries, specialised in this sector. The company is also open to partnerships with car manufacturers or original equipment manufacturers (OEM) looking for their own electrical scooter.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250