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French manufacturer of smart knee pad to practice rehabilitation remotely at home looks for distributors

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This French company developed and tested a connected knee pad for rehabilitation on the French market. Rehabilitation is subscribed by a surgeon and/or a physiotherapist who can follow the advancement of the rehabilitation program live and adapt it if deemed necessary. This highly technological product invites its users to manage their rehabilitation and recovery with responsibility and autonomy at home.To extend its market, the company is currently looking for distributors in Europe.



The company has developed a CE certified medical device. It has been successfully tested and introduced in the French market. It allows home based rehabilitation while giving full control of the rehabilitation to the medical team (physiotherapist, orthopaedic surgeon).

It features a real time supervision interface so the patient is exercising autonomously and safely at home, thanks to bio feedbacks. It also gives information about the recovery of the patient through various indicators such as his range of motion, strength or gait cycle. The product consists of an hardware (the kneepad) and a software (the app).

Therefore his medical team can be alerted if anything goes wrong in his rehabilitation. The company included around 150 knee rehabilitation exercises with demo videos in its mobile application so the patient can understand very easily the exercises he has to perform.

The company is looking for distributors that will sell its products in Europe and tries to be present on the main fairs in the sector such as MEDICA in order to meet the right partners.

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The company claims following advantages and innovations for its product: Key benefit for the surgeon: easy post-operative follow-up and increased rehabilitation compliance. Key benefit for the clinic: in the case of bundled payment the company's solution reduces the cost of the post-operative care. Key benefit for the patient: more convenient rehabilitation (at home), accurate follow-up. The main innovation on the product consists of the production of a very sensitive device which captures all movement through sensors. The main innovation in terms of use is that the product is the app which connects all parties in order to follow and adapt the rehabilitation programme through live communication.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company is looking for potential distributors which could commercialise its products especially in Northern Europe. The client/distributor should be really specialised in medical devices and better if in rehabilitation materials for physiotherapy. The ideal distributor/client should also be well aware of the registration process in its countries for reimbursement. Better if it could be able to lobby for partial or total reimbursement.

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