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French manufacturer of turn-key high-performance quantum instruments, photon detection, fast timing electronics is seeking technical and research cooperation in quantum optics, nanotechnology, biological sciences and aeronautics/space

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A French company designs and manufactures new generation of high performance and easy-to-use quantum instruments that enable worldwide scientists and engineers to measure very low light level down to a single photon. The company is seeking technical and research cooperation in different sectors such as aeronautics and space, nanotechnology and biological sectors to explore new applications for high quality measurements, control or analysis.



The French SME designs and manufactures a new generation of high performance and self-contained optical instruments based on the most advanced single photon avalanche photodiodes, entangled photon source, ultrafast diodes and fast timing electronics. As a worldwide technology leader, the company provides world-class Geiger-mode single photon counting, picosecond laser source, fast time correlation, and optical fiber sensing instruments. In addition, it provides best-in-class professional support to more than 200 worldwide customers directly or through its professional distribution channels in North America, Europe and Asia. Its market-driven photonics solutions enable the success of its global customers by allowing them to achieve outstanding results, and remain at the forefront of their field. The company works closely with its scientific and industrial customers to meet the photon counting challenges of today and tomorrow in the biotechnology, nanotechnology, life sciences, optical networking, bio-medical, environmental and aeronautics industries.

The company has already designed 4 kind of photonics instruments :
- picosecond laser dedicated to the most demanding industrial and scientific applications such as accurate time analysis, characterisations and laser seeding,
- photon counting and time correlation,
- single photon detection module,
- twin photon source.

The company is now willing to work on developments for new applications under technical or research agreements as for instance :
- quantum optics (quantum sensing, quantum cryptography),
- biology and life sciences (life time measurements, fluorescence imaging, molecule and celles characterisation, biological 3D imaging, optical coherence tomography).
- nanotechnology, (particles analysis, quantum dots qualification) - electronics (semi-conductors, wafers quality control)
- aeronautics and space (high performance fiber sensing, laser welding analysis),
- materials : microstructure imaging.

The company offers differents technological building blocks to be integrated in global systems that can be combined differently to answer very specific measurement or analysis needs and generating ultra-fine defects detection.

Participation in European funded projects could be also considered as the company has already experienced structural funds and Interreg cooperation.

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- Very experienced and awarded PHD/managers team - Easy to use, integrated, compact and integrated instruments with outstanding performances, accuracy and speed - Intuitive interfaces - Hypersensitive sensors - Constrained environments The company has been finalist of the Prism Award at Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco for its twin photon source. It regularly attends all events organised by SPIE Photonics, EPIC or OSA organisation in photonics and optical fields mainly in France, USA, China and Germany.

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Industrial and academic partners sought : - With needs in control, analysis, imaging - Willing to contribute in development of the new generation of quantum instruments for their specific needs Targeted sectors : biotechnology, life sciences, bio-medical industries, nanotechnology, aeronautics and space