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A French SME, expert in precision weather services, proposes high spatial and temporal resolution data throughout Europe

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A French SME expert in precision weather services proposes technical assistance on all aspects of a meteorological project. By integrating and reprocessing multi-source data and technology including X-band radar, the SME provides detailed European-wide information with high spatial and temporal resolution. Partners are sought for setting up projects in precision agriculture or industrial sites management. The company is looking for technical cooperation agreement.



The availability of accurate weather information is now essential to the agricultural sector and many economic actors (industry, energy, insurance, etc.). A French SME expert in precision weather services has developed a data multi-source platform integrating measurements from X-band radars, satellites, weather stations and results from numerical models. It proposes historical information (up to 10 years), 24 hours a day and real time, information and forecasts. The company provides this detailed information on extended area (European-wide) with high spatial and temporal resolution.

The company proposes technical assistance on all aspects of a meteorological project :
- Weather strategy consulting: first inventory of available data, establishment of a road map supporting the weather strategy
- Data collection and management: integration, control, processing and calibration of data, quality control.
- Installation and maintenance of equipment: weather stations, pluviometers (rain gauge), X-band radar
- Personal training

The SME searches partners for technical cooperation agreement, in agricultural sector to provide solutions in processes for sustainable and precision agriculture. The reciprocal challenges between precision agriculture and precision meteorology aim to improve management of agricultural parcel, optimum yields, cost reduction (fertilizer, irrigation, etc).

Industrial partners are also sought to provide solutions for industrial sites monitoring exposed to natural disasters for instance. Meteorological site monitoring for extreme weather events (flood, heat wave, strong wind) can reduce operating losses due to site shut off. In accordance with partners’ business continuity plans, the company develops site monitoring and alerting protocols.

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- A unique data multi-source platform dedicated to meteorology - Tailor-made interventions: optimization and reconfiguration of meteorological equipment for partners’ specificity. - Leader in France of X-band high resolution radars implementation and exploitation. The X-band radar technology has a range of 36 km, a spatial resolution of 150 meters and a temporalresolution of 3 to 5 minutes

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Already on the market

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Type and role of partner sought: agricultural partners sought to improve the reciprocal challenge between precision agriculture and precision meteorology. Industrial partners sought to co-develop meteorological site monitoring. The SME proposes technical cooperation agreement.