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French SME is looking for a European manufacturer able to offer an alternative material to granite slabs under supplier agreement.

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The French SME, specialized in the manufacture of funeral articles is looking for a European company able to produce a material technically equivalent to the granite slabs used today in its production. The company is looking for a long-term supplier partner in Europe.



The French company produces funeral decorative and technical articles. The company has a large range of products and can offer different kinds of finishing. It sells only via B-to-B channels. The turnover is 2 M€ and the SME has 8 employees. The SME is growing. It wants to find new material solutions and relocate its suppliers in Europe (currently sourcing in Asia). The SME is looking for a partner in Europe able to offer a product which is an alternative material to the granite slabs used. The material will be used for the funeral decorative articles. The requested product, with specific dimensions, will receive a plexiglass piece screwed in. There will be several dimensions of granite pieces. The alternative material must be fit to stay outdoor: wind resistant, moisture resistant and frost resistant. Samples will be requested. The company looks for a long-term partner under supplier agreement.

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The SME is always searching new materials and is very active in developing new ranges of products each year. The SME likes to propose new solutions to its clients.

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The characteristics of the material must be equivalent to those of granite: • Frost resistant • Wind resistant • Density: approximatively 2700 kg/m3 The colour of the product must be neutral: black or grey as granite. The material must be solid for supporting screws and the plexiglass piece. The finishing of the product can be glossy or matt. Today the natural finishing is glossy, but the company is opened to discuss the finishing. The company will be vigilant about the recyclability of the material. The products will have rectangular and round shapes with size for: - rectangular shapes: length from 15 cm until 30 cm; width from 12 cm until 15 cm, - round shapes :diameter between 12 cm and 30 cm.

Partner sought

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The expected partner should be an industrial manufacturer with knowledge of machining of high-density material (2700 kg/m3). The respect of delivery deadlines is a crucial criterion for the French SME. The volume of annual orders will be approximately: 30.000 pieces/year. The estimated order frequency is every 3 months. Price quotations should include transport and delivery at place from the supplier to the French company. A long-term partner, under a supplier agreement, is sought in Europe.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


Funeral decorative article with another plexiglass piece assembled on a granite slab.


Funeral decorative article with plexiglass piece screwed in granite slab