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French SME is looking for a manufacturer of medium-density wood fibre table tops under subcontracting agreement

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A French SME designing and manufacturing school tables, is looking for a wood working manufacturer of table tops made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with rounded corners and edges. The company is looking for a long-term subcontracting partner in Europe.



A French company is producing its own design furniture for libraries and public sector spaces, made from metal, wood and plastic in respect of an environmental and sustainable development approach. Its main clients are media libraries and schools in France and abroad.

For a range of school tables, the company is looking for an industrial partner which is able to manufacture table tops out of medium-density wood fibre with rounded corners and rounded edges in the dimensions and shapes corresponding to the technical specifications (see attachment).

The searched partner should also be able to produce the table tops with a uniform wood look, beige or grey finish from top to rounded corners and edges of the board included.

These wooden parts are then intended to be mounted on metal bases in France before being shipped to end customers.

The French SME needs a manufacturing partner for wooden parts under a subcontracting agreement. The company is offering a long term relationship with a partner in Europe. The French SME is already used to sourcing internationally.

Advantages & innovations

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The subcontractor will take advantage from the very good reputation of the French manufacturer, well established in France for over thirty years and known internationally thanks to its presence in other countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Morocco and Switzerland. The French company is financially reliable and its mainly professional clients come from the public sector with legally binding contracts.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
The main dimensions and shapes of the table tops are described in the attached technical specifications. The subcontractor's mastery of a special finishing process is necessary to achieve a uniform wood, beige or grey appearance from top to rounded corners and edges of the board included. The thickness of the board is not yet fixed as it may depend on the technical capabilities of the production equipment. The volume of annual orders will be approximately: - 6,000 pieces for 700 mm x 500 mm board, - 3,000 pieces for 1300 mm x 500 mm board, - 1,000 pieces for 1300 mm x 650 mm board. The estimated order frequency is every six months. Price quotations should include transport and delivery at place from the subcontractor to the French company.

Partner sought

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The expected partner should be an industrial manufacturer in wood working able to produce the specific table tops out of medium-density wood fibre corresponding to the technical and finish specifications transmitted by the French SME. The respect of delivery deadlines is a crucial criterion for the French SME. A long term partner, under a subcontracting agreement, is sought in Europe.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Table top rounded edge view


Table top rounded corner view


Table top side view


Table top dimensions (in mm)


Table top general view