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A French SME is looking to source waste (of fruit, vegetable and plants) from Agro-food producers through a supplier agreement

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Agro-food sector producers create waste in their production processes that can be used as ingredients in other productions: seeds, oils, pomace, fibers. The French SME, located in southern France, has identified 500 such "coproducts" and is working with major agrofood producers in France and abroad, to buy their waste and resell them to clients, taking care of the logistics. The company is looking to buy waste from agrofood producers through a supplier agreement.



The French SME trades waste of fruit, vegetable and plants in the agro-food sector. It acts like a hub, to match waste producers to waste users, allowing the circularity of products. Implementing such circularity, means that producers reduce drastically their impact on the environment.

After few years of research and development, the company has identified 500 "co-products", that are materials seen as waste today but which can be used as ingredients. It is the only company to have developed such a database for the agrofood sector, and helps companies to:

1. Identify and qualify their "co-products"
2. Advise on how to extract them when needed and package them (usually big bags or plastic boxes)
3. Resell them

The French SME is sourcing co-products from major agro-food players in France (it is based in a key agro-food production area in France), and is aiming at extending its suppliers network. It is an opportunity for any agro-food producers with a turnover from 20M€ (no limit on volumes) to identify and extract their valuable waste. The company aims to sign a supplier agreement.

The supplier will collaborate with the French company to establish the specification sheet of the coproduct (document needed for the selling of the product), and provide the coproduct packed in bigs bags or plastic boxes.

The French company will take care of collecting the coproducts, transform them and resell them. The company is in charge of guaranteeing the quality of the coproduct, and in developing the specification sheet for the buying and the selling of the coproduct.

Advantages & innovations

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The French SME acts like a hub, having many potential buyers to resell the coproducts. 90% of its clients don't need to invest to extract and resell their co-products. The company has not identified any direct competitor .

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No specific expertise sought. The French SME can help agro-food companies (from a turnover of 20M€) to identify valuable waste within their production process.

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Already on the market

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Any agro-food producer using fruits, vegetable or plants in its production processes, with a minimum turnover of 20 million Euros.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


The French SME identifies ingredients from waste in the agro-food sector and buy them.