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French SME seeks a supplier of electric motors for its logging saws under a supplier agreement

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A French SME specialised in the manufacture of log saws is looking for a new supplier of electric motors under a supplier agreement. The company aims at establishing a longterm partnership under a supplier agreement.



This century-old French SME has been able to adapt over time to the needs of its customers. It has gradually abandoned its foundry activity to develop equipment and materials for the transport and agricultural sector. It has now two departments:

- A first one for the transformation of trucks and the manufacture of flatbed trailers.
- A second one for the manufacture of log saws. These saws are sold on home improvement stores.

In a context of tension on the supply of accessories, the SME wishes to diversify its sourcing in terms of electric motors with a new partner. More specifically, it is ideally looking for a company that would be able to supply 2 types of electric motors
• a 230v single-phase motor 1.84 kw
• a 230v single-phase motor 2.2 kw
The total quantity would be around 150 - 200 motors per year. The sales order should increase in the following years if the partnership is successful.

An initial test will be carried out with a motor to ensure that it can withstand the constraints of use (sawdust, resistance to stress, etc.). Once this first test is successful, the motors will be ordered. The partner will ideally manage the delivery logistics.

The French SME wishes to sign a long-term supplier agreement.

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The current technical characteristics of the motors are: • 230v single-phase motor 1.84 kw / 2.5CV - 14 A - Isolation class F - Frequency 50 Hz - 1360 tr/min • 230v single-phase motor 2.2 kw / 3CV - 15 A - Isolation class F - Frequency 50 Hz - 1370 tr/min The motors must have the CE mark. The respect of the delivery time is a very important point. The partner should be capable to provide steady supply.

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The French SME is looking for a supplier (industrial or distributor) for a long-term business relationship. The supplier should have a good expertise in the field of electric motors. In addition to the quality and reliability of its products, the partner must provide an operational after-sales service. Reliable delivery times are required.

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