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French SME specialised in decorative flooring is looking for new sustainable design products (wall, flooring and ceiling) for exclusive distribution

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A French SME with a wide network in the distribution at national level of decorative floorings and interior coverings is looking for new ecological and design products for wall, flooring and ceiling applications. It is interested by exclusive distribution agreements for the domestic market.



For 25 years, this company has been a distributor in France of creative floorings. The development is done through architects for the realisation of high-end private and public projects (offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, residences ...). With a portfolio of 6,000 clients and a network of 1000 distributors in interior decoration, the company has a national presence and it has been able to acquire a large market share.

As part of its future development, the company wants to expand its product offer and meet the needs of the architects who are the main prescribers. In general, the architects are looking for products with new decorative (design) and technical and installation advantages. But nowadays, ecology is a high priority in the search for new products.

The company is now looking for new products meeting to the following four criteria:

1° Sustainability: the product and the process associates are environmentally safe, and green and possibly natural.

If the product is not natural, it must use recycled material. At its end of life, it must be recyclable to be reused in a second life.

The manufacturer producing the product is complying with environmentally friendly production processes (e.g. powered by the most renewable electricity with a light carbon footprint).

2° Design: The designs are unique and original, taking into consideration the needs and requirements of current client trends.

3° Price : Although the product is decorative and natural/sustainable, it is offered at an affordable price in comparison with other similar products on the market.

4° Installation and maintenance: Fast and easy installation by any competent person. Cleaning should be without chemical detergents.

The company is interested by an exclusive distribution agreement for the French market with manufacturers/producers of such products.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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-Impact sound insulation : EN ISO 10140. A high rate is requested criteria by the architects. -Airborne sound absorption : EN ISO 354. -Reaction to fire : EN 13501-1 (compulsory for establishments open to the public) -Completely free of phthalates and heavy metals -Available in various styles and colours -Durability : for 10+ years. Manufacturer warranty -Very low or no VOC’s – volatile organic compounds For flooring : -Use classification : ISO 10874, 33 Heavy commercial -Castor Chair: EN 985, Continuous use -Thermal resistance : ISO 8302, Suitable for underfloor heating

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Already on the market

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Type : industry preferably SME Manufacturer of flooring, wall or ceiling coverings Role : supplying the product according to criterias for an exclusive distribution in the French market

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250