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French SME specialized in bioremediation is looking for partners working with radionuclides for research cooperation agreement

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Biochemistry / Biophysics
Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
Other pollution and recycling related
Research and experimental development on biotechnology


French SME based in south of France specialized in bioremediation of pollutants in liquid wastes is looking for partners (laboratories, companies, research centers) working with radionuclides to implement their biological solution. A research cooperation agreement will be signed.



Created in 1979 in south of France, the french SME is a company specialized in biotechnologies.

• innovative molecules screening and purification,
• biological products development and making,
• biological processes creation, development and enhancement.

This know-how includes the following skill fields:
Health engineering

their activities are implemented in various sectors:
• Agro-food sector
• Soils enhancement
• Environmental treatment
• Chemistry: biosynthesis and bioconversion
• Cosmetics industry
• Dietetics industry
• Pharmaceutical industry

The company is looking for entities for research cooperation agreement.(laboratories, companies, research centers) working with radionuclides in the nuclear energy, the nuclear medicine or food irradiation to implement their biological solution : biological treatment of radionuclides with natural and specific micro-organisms.

The French company has worked in the past in the treatment of nuclear waste effluents and significantly neutralized Caesium 137.
They possess a storage of numerous specific and natural micro-organisms that they selected and isolated regarding their properties for bioremediation.
The micro-organisms uses pollution as food which stimulates its metabolic system.
The pollutant can then be neutralized thanks to the transformation into harmless isotopes, or even transformed into an interesting element which can be valorized.

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The SME develops strong relationships with numerous research entities and experts in microbiology and also others scientific fields. The French SME owns a 350+ strong micro-organisms collection. The micro-organisms are selectively produced, then used to target specific pollutants, of which nucleotides.

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Already on the market

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Entities working with radionuclides ( nuclear energy, food irradiation, nuclear medicine) and having the required agreement to manage irradiated effluents, and performing analysis of the level of radioactivity of the effluents. Their tasks should be to implement the method of the French company in using the micro-organisms, to optimize the processes and to give regular feedback of evolution of the radioactivity thanks to regular analysis. The ideal goal of the project is to test and follow-up the effects of specific micro-organisms on particular isotopes of the nuclear industry present in liquid wastes. Company with the required certifications and agreement to handle nuclear liquid wastes and perform analysis on radioactivity levels.

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University,R&D Institution,SME 51-250