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French SME specialized in polymer synthesis offers functional monomers, polymers and materials with enhanced performance

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Composite materials
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Biobased materials
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Small company based in south of France is offering research and development services and supply of functional monomers, polymers and materials with enhanced performance, all suitable for needs of public or private centers, or suppliers of high demanding sectors. Their expertise is valuable in any application field (biomedical, aeronautic, material science, petrochemical, chemical industry, energy...). The company is looking for research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.



The company is a research and development service provider and chemical supplier in the field of functional monomers, polymers and materials with enhanced performance. With a lab-scale synthesis capacity from gram up to kilogram, the company supports partners and consortia to validate their Proof of Concept by providing already developed or custom-designed (macro)molecules of interest.

The company can work on the synthesis of almost any kind of polymer at lab scale (up to 1 kg) and can also formulate polymers in order to give them specific properties in materials with high performances.

The company has strong competences and skills in organic chemistry and masters several polymerization methods which allows them to prepare functional polymers with well-defined composition, architecture and functionality. The company also have strong competences in the preparation of organic materials such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes or phenolic resins.

The company is generally involved in projects with low Technology Readiness Level, which means that most of the projects they are involved in are led by major research and development public or private centers.
However their laboratory of material formulation is involved in projects with higher Technology Readiness Level, thus mainly working with first-tier or second-tier suppliers of high demanding sectors (aeronautics for example).

Their main application fields are energy (fuel cells and new generation of batteries), environment and bio-based materials, high performance materials (mainly for aeronautic), biomedical. However they also work with other industries : large chemical and petrochemical companies, watchmaking, tyre industry...

For projects targeting high Technology Readiness Level, the company also work with a large network of toll manufacturers in order to validate pilot or pre-industrial scale production and deliver needed quantities of high performance matters to implement demonstrators in the scope of project.

The company is looking for research cooperation agreements and technical cooperation agreements.

The company is used to European projects, and to collaborative projects, and can bring key partners : toll manufacturers, battery recycling companies, engineering offices, labs or companies able to characterize batteries.

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The company proposes an agile answer to research and development needs. In particular, they help their client to quickly validate their proof of concept. The diversity of chemistry and application they are working on allow their very high skilled engineer and doctors to propose solution. Cross fertilization is the core advantage.

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Already on the market

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The company is interested in two types of agreements: - Research cooperation agreement with large research and development centers (private or public) that work on material issues. Tasks to be performed by partner : synthesis of biobased monomers, characterization of polymers and materials, utilization of high added-value polymers for applications such as medicine, energy, environment, aeronautic - Technical cooperation agreement with large research and development centers (private or public) that work on material issues. Tasks to be performed by partner : specification of innovative material with specific properties, utilization and characterization of bio-based materials Due to their market positionning (similar to contract research organization) and size, the company do not wish to coordinate a proposal. However they can provide help during the proposal writing (WP implementation, KPI definition, synthesis and formulation strategy).

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500