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A French SME specializing in smart semantic and linguistic analysis is looking for value-added resellers, systems integrators, providers

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A French SME proposes a technology to rapidly detect texts and spoken content related to potential threats in multiple languages. The solution is also used to identify critical incidents for emergency response, to anticipate changes and innovations through yield optimization tools for industrial purposes and for all legal aspects with a textual information system. The company is looking for partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



A French SME has developed an innovative solution based on linguistics and semantics analysis. With more than ten years of expertise, its main application is detection of different kind of security issues like online criminality through semantic analysis from standard sources and non-traditional media (written texts, speech transcriptions source, emails, text messages, videos, websites, forums, social networks content etc). This multilingual online detection tool analyzes content in many European languages, but also in Arabic language and Arabic dialects.

Apart from a use for online criminality detection, it is possible to use the tool as follow:

1. Dissemination of misinformation

The technology is able to automatically detect influencers/influencees through a large ontology in order to determine critical information from all information sources (traditional and non-traditional media). The detection is based on various aspects of the unintentionally / intentionally-spread misinformation. It allows identifying spreaders and characterizing misinformation through markers, classifiers and other state-of-the-art options to track their network.

2. Geo and chrono-located critical alerts

The solution can also be used for critical alerts monitoring through geo- and chrono-located events. For example, first responders are usually on the front line to conduct rescue missions and help those who have been affected. The proposed semantic intelligence technology is able to automatically identify events through ontology about disasters, accidents, security and critical incidents. It corresponds to safe cities projects including early detection of threats and hazards. It allows improving the capabilities of emergency responders.

The tool can collect and analyze information about past, current, or future events. For example, it can monitor multiple social media platforms and analyze current and historical posts to enrich the same event or new ones according to a chronology. It sends the metadata of the action with a title as a summary of the spotted event. The solution generates automated alerts on the occurrence of events (accidents, fires, acts of violence…) for the intervention of local authorities.

3. Yield optimization for automatic intelligent tools

The solution anticipates problems in the supply chain through a supplier risk assessment from weak signals. It generates alerts for purchasing department.

4. Cross-lingual search engine in natural language

Multilingual engine (Arabic, Chinese, English, French) and interlingual (questioning in your own language texts in several languages with explanation of the search results), texts indexing in different languages. It includes a hypertext decision tool.

5. Smart legal tool

It goes further than a contract review to include commitments in contracts, validate contract content by comparison and analyze differences in documents from standard clauses.

6. General data protection regulation compliance audit tool

The audit tool is used to comply with GDPR regulations by focusing on the comprehension of facts, activities and events related to people and companies. It can serve as an automatic audit tool for all databases, documents or emails and also allows tagging of personal identifiable information.

Well-developed in the online criminality detection, the company wishes to grow in the below mentioned applications. That's why it is seeking end users, first responders, value-added resellers, systems integrators/providers or companies with an experience in security solutions, safe cities applications through crisis, disaster, emergency solutions etc., as well as industrial companies.

The partners will offer their clients customized solutions that incorporate French company's online semantic and linguistic analysis tools under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Advantages & innovations

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The semantic analysis tools combine 3 technologies: - Artificial intelligence (machine learning) to handle various languages and classification issues; - Linguistics intelligence to identify language nuances, to standardize terms and data, and to extract names entities and their roles; - Semantics intelligence to remove ambiguities, to link the data and to name entities defined in a descriptive ontology of the application's scope. This tool is multilingual with a traceability and explanation of the results through a symbolic algorithm-based solution. Some specific applications are integrated in the solution to support users in their search like: - a transliterator allowing to identify proper nouns or places according to spelling variants; - an interlingual search engine allowing to index texts in different languages and to question in one language with explanation of the relevance of the search results.

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Available for demonstration

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The company seeks partners such as: - Value-added resellers, - systems integrators, - providers. Targeted partners should have an established cooperation with: 1. Companies having an experience in security solutions, safe cities applications through crisis, disaster, emergency solutions or collection of public opinion; 2. Public or private organizations responsible for public safety and crisis management (first responders, police, fire-fighters, ambulances, etc.); 3. Public or private organizations with merging multilingual heterogeneous sources to improve knowledge base and interoperability; 4. Companies with established customer's network in the following fields: internet and social networks, legal tech, industry, R&D departments, health, public & private research laboratories. Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: 1. Commercialise of all or part of the French company's solution; 2. Provide professional services to support the deployment of the technology; 3. Offer services including consulting, implementation, and integration.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


Geo located event detection


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