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A French start-up is looking for partners for research and/or technical cooperation in order to develop smart grid simulation tools

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A French start-up has developed specific innovative hard and software tools for the simulation of smart electricity distribution grids. These tools were specifically designed with smart grids in mind and are thus better suited for smart grid's studies than conventional simulation software. The company is looking for partners for research and/or technical cooperation. It will contribute expertise and a unique platform for the design, simulation, prototyping and testing of smart grid technologies.



The company is a French start-up originates from the ecosystem of industrial and academic research on smart grids. The company was founded in 2018 and develops a strong R&D experience and expertise in two areas: power distribution system engineering, and software engineering & telecoms.

Its customers are Distribution System Operators and Municipalities.

It has developed a unique know-how, as well as hardware and software tools, to design, develop, test and validate smart grid technologies. With respect to existing standard simulation software designed for the analysis of power distribution grids, the tools take into account important features of smartgrids such as telecommunication aspects. The hardware tools also make it possible to validate smart grids technologies in a close-to-real environment, before these technologies are taken to the field for demonstration; by comparison, standard analyses purely based on simulation software remain relatively theoretical.

Overall, the hardware and software setup, along with the technical expertise of the team, make it possible to develop smart grid technologies faster and with more realism that with conventional approaches.

The company is looking for research and/or technical partners to experiment with its smart grids technologies and to develop new smart grid technologies in a collaborative manner. For example:
- partners for collaborative R&D (e.g. European projects) such as Distribution System Operators;
- flexible electricity end-users (= owners or operators of flexible appliances;energy-managed buildings or plants, etc);
- manufacturers of flexible appliances (photovoltaic inverters; charging stations / electric vehicles ; etc), and potentially storage;
- manufacturers of behind-the-meter energy management technologies (Building Management Systems ; etc);
- manufacturers of smart metering technology (smart meters, advanced metering infrastructure and related software).

The company projects could possibly also involve telecommunication service providers ; energy regulators; and municipalities (eg in the context of a project where a municipality wants to deploy a set of charging stations for electric vehicles).

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The company strives: - to take into account elements such as the physics of the grid, the internal state of flexible components, the logic of the controller(s) that operate(s) flexible components, and the non-idealities of the telecommunication network on which the controller(s) rely; where in comparison, standard software for the analysis of distribution grids focuses on the first of these four aspects only. - to bridge the gap between concepts / macroscopic studies on the one hand, and practical implementation of a smart grid mechanism on the other hand, by covering a wide spectrum of aspects ranging from technical-economic studies to the testing and validation of real hardware and software components in a realistic laboratory environment.

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Under development/lab tested

Partner sought

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- Distribution System Operator willing to investigate and/or experiment with smart grids technologies. - Manufacturers/providers of related technologies such as smart meters / smart metering software / related telecommunication technologies / Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) hardware and software / flexible generators or loads.

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