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French tech Company has developed a heating/cooling system without refrigeration and is looking for distributors and licence agreeements

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Heat transport and supply, district heating
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The French tech company has developed an innovative heating and cooling system without refrigeration. Different versions are adapted to tertiary buildings, aquatic centers and spa, pharmaceutical labs. The company wants to expand in Europe and is looking for distribution agreements services and/or licence agreements.



The French tech company designs and provides air handling systems without refrigeration unit.
The system is based on a dessicant devaporating cooling concept, the result of 10 years of R&D.

Different versions of the solution are targeting the following sectors:
-Tertiary buildings, providing 100% of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) through air vector.
-Aquatic centers and spa, optimizing air treatment in all humid environment and allowing humidity control at a highly competitive cost
-Healthcare and pharmaceutical labs, allowing humidity control for the most demanding air filtration levels

A simulator has been developed which allowed to dimension the air handling system for each project and also to forecast the energy consumption.

The French tech company wants to expand in Europe and is looking for the following partners:
1/Distributors for its air handling systems.
The potential partner should distribute the innovative systems and provide a full service as an distributor: installation, maintenance of the innovative heating/cooling devices.

2/Manufacturers of heat, ventilation, air, and cooling (HVAC) systems, interested to produce and sell the heating/cooling systems of the French tech company in the framework of licence agreements

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Cooling mode of the solution : Step 1: fresh air dehumidification (thanks to desiccant wheel and heating coil powered by the renewable heat source) Step 2: fresh air is then cooled mechanically thanks to a heat exchange with the extracted air (through a heat exchanger wheel). Step 3: fresh air humidification (with humidifier) and then the air is supplied to the building Thus during the summertime, outside air temperature, which is around 30°C/34°C is lowered at around 20°C before being supplied to the premises. Main advantages of the solution: -no refrigeration unit -improved humidity control -energy efficiency

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Already on the market

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The French tech Company would like to expand its sales network in Europe and is looking for the following long-term partnerships: 1/ Distributors with heat, ventilation, air and cooling (HVAC) competencies, who have access to the the following markets: - industry (food&beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic components… - swimming pools - commercial buildings The distributor should be able to deliver, install the innovative heating/cooling systems and provide maintenance services. 2/ Licence agreements with European HVAC manufacturers, interested to build and sell the innovative heating/cooling systems

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250