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A French UV-C disinfection lighting manufacturer looks for distributors

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A French company adapts UltraViolet light in the C range (UV-C) sources into innovative lighting and air disinfection devices for spaces opened to the public. Their product range includes wall-plug devices and professionally-mounted devices.They offer made-in-France devices, some of them patented and biologically tested. The French company looks for long-term distribution agreements to expand their activities in European markets. They are also interested in Japan and South Korea.



With 15 years of experience, the French company offers sanitary lightings to their customer base.

Most of their devices are made-in-France devices. With some additional imported devices, the company covers a wide range of disinfection needs. They use the capability of Ultraviolet light, in the C range, (UV-C) to destroy micro-organisms' ability to reproduce. Viruses (including SARS CoV-2), bacteries, fungies cannot resist the right settings of UV-C exposure.

Originally in the field of luxury retail, they found new commercial grounds with UV-C cupboards, floor disinfection, 3-functions ceiling fixture and bathroom fixture.
Their range makes it possible to clean different sectors of activity: sports (judo, yoga), kindergardens, garment-retail, beauty parlors, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants...
Some fixtures need only to be wall plugged, others require to be professionnaly installed.
Some fixtures put UV-C light on while persons are out of the room to disinfect air and surfaces, others work on air only while people are present. Another kind of fixture for offices and meeting rooms have both caracteristics plus visible light.
All equipments have detection capabilities in order to turn them off if a person is present during direct UV-C lighing. Some fixtures have time programming via WiFi for remote control.
Some of their products are imported, due to the long term relationships with reliable suppliers.
All of their French-made equipments include top grade European made UV-C tubes that do not produce ozone.
Light sources lifespan, along with HEPA and/or active carbon filters, provide opportunities to get back to customers for maintenance, insuring long term relationships, upgrade opportunities and repeat business.

Long-term distribution agreements are sought. The French company will support their distributors in setting up their devices.

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. Very few European brands of UV-C lightings for public use are available today. . Quality and design add to the sales potential. . Margins can be high for such innovative and necessary devices.

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Already on the market

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The future partners must be able to adapt the services attached to the French disinfection devices (regular maintenance) to the local needs. They have a sense of sales strategy to target the best potential clients for all or part of the product line. The partners have ideally already sold equipments (preferably lightings) to the retail sector, the office sector, hotels, real estate or construction, the sports sector, the healthcare sector.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland