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Geopolymers as alternative materials for outdoor block paving

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An Italian company with long-lasting experience in manufacturing and commercialisation of concrete products for floors and building walls, seeks partners for technical cooperation as it is interested to use geopolymers for outdoor paver and firestop blocks and RTD institutions for research cooperation through European projects.



Manufacturing of Portland cement is responsible for around 7% of greenhouse gas emission globally which poses a significant threat to the global climate changes. Geopolymer arrives as an alternative material to Portland cement and eco- friendly because it uses industrial waste or by-products as source materials. An Italian company with almost 50 years of experience on concrete products for floors and walls markets is looking now for geopolymers with specific characteristics.
At the moment the experimental programme is deployed as follows:
- Preliminary investigation of materials used. (raw materials and industrial by products);
- Development of mixed design for geopolymer paver block and fire stop block;
- Studies on mechanical and physical properties on paver blocks and firestop blocks on 28th day;
- Feasibility studies for a mass production of geopolymer products;
The Italian company has the possibility of lab test (few kilos) while it doesn't have the right equipment for fast mixing. Partnership agreement could be related to technical cooperation for the analysis and adaptation of existing technology but also research agreement in order to apply for EU RTD programs.

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The geopolymer concrete can be effectively used as a substitute for ordinary Portland Cement in vibro-compressed concrete products as paver block but it should have the following properties: - It should have higher compressive strength than that of ordinary concrete; - It should have rapid strength gain and cures very quickly; - It should have a very strong chemical resistance. Acids, toxic waste and salt water will not have an effect on geopolymer concrete; - For cold temperatures, it has to be resistant to freezing. The pores are very small but water can still enter cured concrete. When temperatures dip to below freezing that water freezes and then expands this will cause cracks to form. Geopolymer concrete will not have to freeze. Moreover, the geopolymer concrete should be able to stay stable even at temperatures until 1200°C. Excessive heat can reduce the stability of concrete causing it to spall or have layers break off. Geopolymer concrete does not experience spalling unless it reaches over 1200°C. For this reason it will be an optimal alternative for fire stop blocks.

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The Italian company is looking for European companies and RTD institutions willing to cooperate in the implementation of geopolymer concrete in its products, interlock brick pavers and fire stop blocks. The collaboration could be both a technical cooperation for the adaptation of existing geopolymers or a research cooperation for the implementation of a research project in the framework of EU RTD programmes.