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A German biotechnology company is offering research and development subcontracting services in the field of microbiome technologies

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A Berlin based biotech company is active in the field of microbiome and glycobiology research. They are offering their expertise in strain development, strain analysis, assay development, microbial-glycobiology, fermentation and production processes in the framework of a subcontracting or an outsourcing agreement.



Every individual, animal or plant has a unique microbiota that is determined by a complex combination of environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors (humans). The co-development of the host and its microbiota and the continuous cross talk between both of them results in a complex symbiotic relation, which profoundly influences health. Thus, (mental) health, sensitivity against infections, the development of diseases or the desired plant growth are among others influenced by the microbiota.

A German biotechnology company that is a spin-off of a Berlin-based university is active in the field of microbiome technology. They are providing different services in the field of microbiome technology, research and development of next-generation probiotics.

There are four main services that they are offering potential partners to jointly develop new probiotic or prebiotic approaches, or analytical tests regarding all questions about microbiome:

1. Development and support of the development of innovative strains allowing strong product differentiation and positioning

2. Analysis and optimization of the probiotic and functional properties of strains or strain collections

3. Development of customized assays (cytotoxicity assays, binding assays, proliferation assay, etc.) for many purposes including molecular biology, cell culture assay, immunological analysis (e.g. bacterial specific ELISA) at any point along the path of the product development

4. Development and optimization of fermentation and production processes in term of yield, production costs and/or regulatory aspects

The company's proprietary technology platform allows them to screen the microbiota for natural microorganisms displaying their specific properties. They are also able to present specific structures on the bacteria surface without any need for genetic modifications. With both platform technologies they can develop innovative strains allowing strong product differentiation and positioning as well as analysis and optimization of probiotic or other functional properties of strains or strain collections.

Approaches based on microorganism consortia may induce strong modulation of the individual microbial composition with unknown long-term adverse impact. Thus, they focus on enrichment or supplementation approaches with single bacterial strains or a combination of few strains that address specific modes of action.

They are interested in a cooperation in the framework of a subcontracting or an outsourcing agreement. A potential partner would define his needs or a challenge in the field of microbial development and the company as a provider of contract research would develop a solution in close cooperation with the client. In the framework of an outsourcing agreement, a partner could transfer regular processes in the field of microbiome research to the company.

They are also open to cooperate in a joint research project both as a partner or a subcontractor.

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- With more than 15 years of experience in probiotic and microbiome development, they have acquired a comprehensive expertise in designing health solutions for the most challenging projects. - The focus is on establishing, increasing or restoring specific function(s) of the microbiome through approaches that minimize disturbance of the microbiome-host symbiotic relationship. Therefore, the probiotic and microbiome applications are based on specific microorganisms with known mode of action. - Potential partners can rely on the unique experience in the field of microbial glycobiology. Carbohydrates in the form of capsular polysaccharides and/or lipopolysaccharides are one of the major components on the surface of bacteria. Microbial carbohydrates may have many different properties including strain signature, immunomodulation, binding properties, rheology properties and much more.

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In the framework of a subcontracting agreement the company would provide research and development services to companies of any size (e.g. for the optimisation of production processes) or research organisations and universities. They are also interested in offering their services in the framework of an outsourcing agreement to companies that want to assign special parts of their research in the field of microbiome to a service provider.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500