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German company is looking for distribution and joint venture agreement partners to distibute a GIS-based system which enables users to identify high potential areas to place solar panels

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A German research company developed a GIS-based system which enables users to identify high potential areas to place solar panels, using laser scanning data. The company is looking for partners to establish a joint venture or distribution services agreement.



A German research company developed a GIS based system which exercises complex location analysis for solar panels of laser scanning data.

The offered GIS-based system detects how the use of solar power can be optimized. It has innovative, singular advantages and a high economic potential. There is an enormous field of application possibilities all over the world.

Based on laser scanner data and plan view data the system develops a computer aided analysis method to identify high potential areas for the use of solar power. It precisely calculates every roof´s potential as a solar collector by airborne surveying and mapping. Thereby it considers many variable factors as style, orientation, clouding of each roof, seasonal path of the sun across the sky and the shadow cast by a chimney in the course of the day. The result indicates how much energy is possible to produce using solar power all over a certain region or in single households.

Main customers are companies and institutions from the technical sector that focuses on solar panels.

To develop these possibilities the German company is looking for business cooperation partners to bring the new system to the international market.

This might be done within a joint venture in order to work together on the specific project or a distribution services Agreement in order to distribute the products in the new markets and countries.

Advantages & innovations

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The system differentiates itself by its very precise calculations of the roof´s potentials as a solar collector. The reason for this is the airborne surveying and mapping. The system was already successfully applied by German cities. 120 km2 were scanned, 70.000 buildings analysed. The results of the analysis are online available. Further advantages are customer service and customer orientation. For example, the inhabitants of the city have the opportunity to check online whether their house is suitable for the use of photovoltaic systems. Potential partners can benefit from the company's long-term experience. As the system is already being used successfully in many cities, the company disposes a very good reputation which partners can benefit from. In addition, the company distinguishes itself by its reliability and its high technological standard. The company is trying to adapt to modern trends and to offer a variety of solutions. One example is a new system that is supposed to be introduced in international markets with the partner´s help. This shows a differentiation to the competitors as well as a high level of innovation.

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Already on the market

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Partners looked for are distributors, manufacturers and providers of photo voltaic or remote sensing technology. They should dispose of experience within their markets and be able to represent high-tech products in need of explication. Joint venture partners should be experts in the respective area, such as they should work together with the company on specific projects in terms of the development of the system. Ideally, the partners already have experiences in the respective markets and countries the company wants to enter.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500