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German company looking for distributors and commercial agency for sale of innovative gypsum plasterboard element with integrated edge protection profile for windows and interior finishing

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An SME located in the south of Germany active in the construction field has developed a newly designed gypsum plasterboard element with integrated edge protection profile, which provides as prebuilt part permanent flawless edges for interior building. They are now looking for partners that want to enter into a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement.



An SME located in the south of Germany is specialised in the production of shaped parts as well as window-, door- and construction opening reveals for interior building. The SME, which was founded in 1990, started its manufacturing activity in the field of dry construction. Due to the long experience in this branch and some product inventions of the founder a new production site was established in 2015. Thus the innovative gypsum plasterboard element - among other products - could be produced in larger quantities. These parts can be used for detached houses as well as for the demanding interior building in office or company premises or for industry clients. The advantage of this part is the integrated edge protection, which means that the edges remain flawless and last permanent. All of them will already be prefabricated. The use of these parts is manifold, thus for the coating of freestanding pillars and supports out of metal or wood, for the assembly of edges at window reveals as well as for the coating of pipes and cables that are not covered. The coating can immediately be painted. Furthermore the element fulfills the special requirements of fire protection, in the resistance classes from F30 to F90. With this element the company has been awarded with several prizes, regionally and nationally.

These shaped parts have been developed in the company´s own research and technology department and all of them are patented within Europe. All products can easily be dispatched within Europe either directly by the company itself or by a qualified trade partner.

They are now looking for distribution partners that are interested in these innovative gypsum plasterboard elements especially for interior building. These can be building materials companies, prefabricated houses industry, windows producer, general contractors, modular constructors as well as carpenters, painters, joiners, drywall constructors and architects. These partners should preferably be located in European countries. The sought for cooperation type is the commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

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The innovative shaped parts have the following advantages and innovations: - Economic efficiency through pre-fabrication - Full collision protection - Immediately ready for painting (Q3-quality) - No minimum purchase quantity - Rapid construction progress through just-in-time delivery - All components in one shaped part - Tailormade angles in any dimension.

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Already on the market

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They are looking for business and commercial partners that distribute their products to be used for interior design or installation of window embrasures. Sought are: Building materials trade Prefabricated houses industry Windows producer, General contractors Modular constructors Specialised companies such as carpenters, painter, joiners, drywall constructors and Architects.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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