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A German company is looking for partners implementing and/or distributing new granulation technology under a licence agreement

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Materials Handling Technology (solids, fluids, gases)
Chemical and solid material recycling
Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste
Remediation activities and other waste management services


A German company has developed a new technology (patent granted) for the granulation and efficient drying of sludges, pastes or filter cakes. It is looking for partners in Europe and the US under a licence agreement to implement and or/distribute the technology in various industries.



The German technology company was established in 1995. The main field of action is developing new technologies/procedures in the chemical sector, like fertilizers but also in the management of wasteful by-products. These technologies are implemented by licence partners mainly in Europe. The company has developed a new technology using superabsorbent polymer (SAP) for efficiently granulating and drying sludges, filter cakes and pastes. The conventional disposal of sludges and pastes is very time- and cost consuming, as the mechanical granulation requires additional equipment and power supplies and the resulting granulate is still very heavy and only partly dried. Using SAP for the granulation of sludges/filter cakes eccalerates the process immensly (instead of more than 30 min it only takes 1 min!) and the resulting granulate is completely dry, small and fluffy and therefore it can be disposed of very easily. The granulation of sludges and filter cakes is primarily used in industries, where sludges and filter cakes are productional by-products, like the hydrometallurgic industries, ceramics production, paper manufacturing and others. Patents for this technology have been granted and it was tested for various amounts of sludges/filter cakes: tested quantities ranged from 5 kg to up to 130l.
The company is now looking for partners in Europe and the USA to help distribute and implement the technology within the above mentioned industries under a licence agreement. The partner should be a technology company in the environmental or industrial sector, like materials handling. The German company is offering all the know-how for implementing /distributing this new application.

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The application of superabsorbent polymer allows significant cost and time savings for the subsequent drying and reduction of industrial by-products such as sludges / pastes and filter cakes. This method transforms the sludges and filter cakes within 20 - 60 seconds into free flowing granulates. Further advantages are: easy emptiying of vessels, low dust formation, low temperature, low cost, small and simple equipment, no sticking to walls. The conventional method of granulation is very time, power and cost conuming and the resulting granulates are still very heavy and not completely dried and the disposal of the resulting compact granulate is still very expensive.

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The company is looking for SMES in the technology sector with expertise in environmental technologies and materials handling which help distribute and implement this new granulation technology under a licence agreement.

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Field tested/evaluated

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The company is looking for a partner in Europe and the US who helps to distribute the technology under a licence distribution agreement. The partner sought should have technical competence in chemistry, materials science and/or environmental technology.

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SME 11-50